Proteins:a food to be integrated into a healthy and balanced diet. Maximum attention to sportsmen

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Proteine: un alimento da integrare in una dieta sana ed equilibrata. Massima attenzione per gli sportivi
Protein is one of the most talked about topics ever. Especially for those who practicebodybuilding, crossfit or powerlifting, this is one of the timeless themes of discussions with friends in the gym. There are those who say that it is necessary to take one gram per body kilogram, those who arrive at two and a half and those who choose based on the periods. The confusion is great, but one thing is certain. Beyond the doses, on which it is always better to get advice from an expert, the quality of protein itself is crucial.

Protein, the importance of supplementing

Protein is commonly found in many foods. Any animal protein source, however, when consumed regularlyit can cause significant health problems. Large fish such as tuna and swordfish, for example, abound in mercury and other metals; poultry are almost always raised using antibiotics, eggs are high in cholesterol, and so on. Vegetable proteins, on the other hand, are found in important quantities only in high-calorie foods such as dried fruit. Due to the difficulty in reaching the correct daily caloric balance with only the proteins introduced with the diet, most athletes resort to supplements thus obviating the problem. The most used proteins in this case are those coming from whey, calledwhey. Whey protein differs from those consumed with food as:
  • They are more digestible by the body
  • They have the best results in terms of muscle recovery
  • They are assimilated quickly, so they are excellent especially in the post-training phase
  • They promote hypertrophy, or muscle growth

Choose the best proteins

Depending on your needs, the type of protein source to choose also varies. If you are not an athlete, then simply with daily nutrition you can make up for the body's protein needs; if you train instead, and especially if you wantincrease your lean mass, then protein supplements are for you. For snacks throughout the day, oneHerbalife bar can definitely be right for you. It allows you to satisfy the stimulus of hunger, keep the digestion process active and at the same time introduce 10 g of this macronutrient into the body. For training, however, you could opt for onevanilla or chocolate flavored shaker. In addition to an exceptional taste, this will allow you to recover better and will promote the repair of damaged muscle fibers. Finally, there are people who, by genetics, struggle to increase their lean mass. Again Herbalife hasa solution, studied directlywith the approval of Cristiano Ronaldo. For this type of person, mixing proteins with a balanced carbohydrate intake will allow the muscles to grow beyond the little DNA required.

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