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Let's get to know proteins better

Get more protein throughout your day, of course

Proteins: maintenance of muscle mass as we age



the proteins they are a nutrient your body needs to grow, repair cells and function properly.

Proteins are part, together with fats and carbohydrates, of the so-called macronutrients, or substances that must be taken abundantly every day to provide the energy necessary for all organs to function properly. 

They are found in a wide range of foods and it is important that you get enough of them each day in your diet. The amount of protein you need varies depending on your weight, gender, age and health.

Meeting your protein needs can be achieved simply by eating a wide variety of foods. Food protein comes from plant and animal sources such as meat and fish, eggs, dairy products, seeds, nuts and legumes such as beans and lentils.

Proteins are also considered the builders of muscles and lean mass as they have few calories per gram and are responsible for strengthening muscle tissue, especially following intense training activities.

Each of us constantly needs to draw on a protein source, and habits and lifestyle don't always allow us to be able to provide our body with the necessary amount of protein. 

the proteine Herbalife aim to satisfy all the needs of the human body at the highest possible levels in order to guarantee a safe, healthy and nutritious product. 

The main products based on proteine Herbalife I am:


  • Protein Drink Mix: to quench your thirst and at the same time introduce Herbalife proteins
  • Formula 1: to best replace a meal with few calories but many nutrients
  • Formula 3: to supplement the diet with a higher protein intake, perfect for sportsmen
  • Protein bars: a delicious, lean and protein snack


Herbalife attaches great importance to this macronutrient because it knows its intrinsic potential.

For this Herbalife offers for breakfast, but also as a meal replacement, Formula 1, a great product for weight control or slimming. It is a very tasty low-calorie protein shake that provides energy and proteins of high biological value, as they are derived from milk and soy.

But the products with the highest protein content remain: Protein Drink Mix, Formula 3 and Herbalife protein bars. Plus a series of other Herbalife products perhaps less known but certainly of high value especially from the point of view: protein intake.


Herbalife protein products

I prodotti proteici di Herbalife

Herbalife presents within its vast catalog of supplements, some products that are ideal for increasing the protein intake of your diet.

Protein Drink Mix is a protein food supplement in powder form to be mixed with water, which allows you to obtain a particularly nutritious protein drink. 

It is ideal to be taken as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack in order to satisfy the daily protein requirement 

The high quality proteins together with the vitamins and minerals that make up the Herbalife Protein Drink Mix help you contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass and a lively energy metabolism. 

With the Protein Drink Mix you can also help protect your cells from oxidative stress thanks to the presence of Zinc and Manganese.

Buy the product here 588g for 21 servings (28g each). 

To increase the daily intake of proteins in our body, useful for building muscle mass and for making the cardiovascular system and intra-cellular exchange function correctly, Formula 3 from Herbalife is a perfect supplement to combine with the Formula 1 meal replacement, or to be used alone. 

Free of fats and carbohydrates, this supplement can help you develop lean body mass, while increasing your basal metabolic rate, without adding unnecessary calories and lipids to your body.

Another interesting product: PRO 20 Select is a delicious water-soluble preparation with a high protein content and low sugar content, which provides the key nutrients our body needs. Each serving contains 20g of protein and 6g of fiber and provides one-third of the recommended daily intake of 24 vitamins and minerals.

Finally Herbalife knows how difficult it is to find a healthy and nutritious meal and, at the same time, practical to use. For this he developed the Express Protein Bars, a healthy meal always at hand. 

Herbalife protein bars represent a balanced supply of nutrients and therefore a healthy meal replacement. High in fiber and soy protein for intense energy and a prolonged sense of satiety in sole 207 calorie. 

Also suitable for vegetarians and available in two flavours: cocoa and red fruit yoghurt, you can buy them here.

There is also a version of protein bars enriched with vitamins. 

Available in several flavors (such as Almonds and Vanilla, Peanuts and Cocoa or Citrus) the you can buy here.

And if you are a sportsman, we suggest you take a look at the line of products for those with high-level professional or amateur needs: the Herbalife H24 line reminding you that all Herbalife products are approved by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee). 


If you are passionate about nutrition and sport or if you still want to learn more about the world of a macronutrient as important for humans as that of proteins, we advise you not to stop here and continue reading.

A good diet is also based on knowledge, because knowledge gives us the motivation to move forward with perseverance, knowing that we are taking the right steps and making the most appropriate choices for our body based on empirical data and decades of studies on the human body and about the benefits he can derive from food. It is with this awareness that a diet can be continued without doubts and worries that can interfere with our journey towards a better, healthier physique and a more peaceful and fulfilling life.


Let's get to know proteins better

Conosciamo meglio le proteine

the proteins they are made up of building blocks called amino acids. There are about 20 different amino acids that bind together in different combinations. Your body uses them to make new proteins, like muscle and bone, and other compounds like enzymes and hormones. He can also use them as an energy source.

Some amino acids can be produced by your body: there are 11 of them and they are known as non-essential amino acids. The other 9 amino acids, which your body cannot produce, are known as essential amino acids. You need to include enough of it in your diet so that your body can function properly.

The nutritional value of a protein is measured by the amount of essential amino acids it contains.

Different foods contain different amounts of essential amino acids. Generally:


  • Animal products (such as chicken, beef, fish and dairy products) contain all essential amino acids and are known as "complete" proteins
  • Soy products, quinoa and the seed of a green leaf called amaranth (consumed in Asia and the Mediterranean) also contain all the essential amino acids
  • Plant proteins (beans, lentils, nuts and whole grains) usually lack at least one of the essential amino acids and are considered "incomplete" proteins


People following a strict vegetarian or vegan dietary  should choose a variety of protein sources from a combination of plant foods every day to ensure they get an adequate mix of essential amino acids.
If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, as long as you eat a wide variety of foods, you can usually get all the protein you need. For example, a meal containing grains and legumes, such as baked beans on toast, provides all the essential amino acids found in a typical meat dish.

Some dietary sources of dietary protein include:


  • Lean meats, such as: chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, veal
  • Fish and seafood
  • Egg
  • Milk and dairy products, such as: yogurt (especially Greek yogurt) and cheese (especially cottage cheese)
  • Nuts and seeds: almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
  • Legumes and beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas 




Get more protein throughout your day, of course

Assumere più proteine nella tua giornata, naturalmente

If you're looking for ways to add more protein to your diet, here are some suggestions:


  • Try a peanut butter sandwich. Remember to use natural peanut butter (or any other nut paste) with no added salt, sugar, or other fillers
  • Cottage cheese or low-fat cottage cheese is high in protein and can be placed in your scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes or pasta dish. Or spread it on toast in the morning
  • Nuts and seeds are fantastic in salads, with vegetables and served over curries. Try toasting some pine nuts or flaked almonds and tossing them into your green salad
  • Beans are great in soups, casseroles, and pasta sauces. Try pouring a drained can of cannellini beans into your favorite vegetable soup recipe 
  • A plate of hummus and freshly cut veggie sticks as a snack or hummus slathered on your sandwich will easily give you extra protein at lunchtime
  • Greek yogurt is a protein-rich food that you can use throughout the day. Add some to your favorite breakfast cereal, spoon it over a bowl of soup, or serve it as a dessert with some fresh fruit.
  • Eggs are a versatile and easy option that can be enjoyed on their own or mixed into a variety of dishes.


Protein deficiencies can occur in people with special needs, such as the elderly and people on strict vegetarian or vegan diets.

Symptoms of protein deficiency include:


  • wasting and shrinking of muscle tissue
  • edema (accumulation of fluid, especially in the feet and ankles)
  • anemia (inability of the blood to supply sufficient oxygen to cells, usually caused by dietary deficiencies such as lack of iron)
  • slow growth (in children)


Proteins: maintenance of muscle mass as we age

Proteine: mantenimento della massa muscolare con l'avanzare dell’età

Beginning around age 50, humans begin to gradually lose skeletal muscle. This is known as sarcopenia and is common in older people. Loss of muscle mass is compounded by chronic disease, poor diet, and inactivity.

Meeting the recommended daily protein intake can help you maintain muscle mass and strength. This is important to maintain the ability to walk and reduce the risk of injury from falls.

To maintain muscle mass, it is important for older people to eat protein effectively. This means consuming high-quality protein foods, such as lean meats.

For athletes it is recommended, after training, to take a portion of high quality protein (such as a glass of milk or a tub of yogurt) with a carbohydrate-based meal to help maintain the protein balance in the body. Studies have shown that this is also a great habit after low to moderate aerobic exercise (such as walking), particularly for older adults.

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