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Are you a loyal Herbalife consumer and do you really appreciate our products? Then you shouldn't miss the opportunity to grow together with the company, going from a simple customer to an Ambassador! The Herbalife Ambassadors project allows consumers who believe in the company and its formulations to become part of the revenues deriving from the sale and consumption of the various products offered. Without realizing it, chances are you're already doing it, with family and friends. How many times have you happened to speak positively about the Herbalife products you use, how effective and safe they are and how much your life has improved in the last period? Well, you basically have to keep doing it… only the company offers you the chance to make money! How? Read more and you will find out.

The Herbalife Ambassador Project – earning opportunities

Herbalife offers you to become a member of the company, offering you these 7 fabulous benefits:
  1. You will be able to buy the products for you and your family at a discounted price of 25%, obviously with no obligation to make a monthly purchase, it's all optional and based on your real needs
  2. At any time of day or night (24 hours a day) you can order your favorite products from our warehouses
  3. You will have full access to the dedicated telephone assistance and you will be able to order by telephone
  4. You will receive the products practically all over the world (90 countries participating in the Herbalife initiative)
  5. You will be provided with specific training with more than 10,000 hours of educational videos on proper nutrition and exercise
  6. You will be able to view Jim Rohn's video courses
  7. You will be able to obtain extra monthly earnings, even of 500 euros, by acting as a part-time distributor, without disturbing your current business
So Herbalife right now is giving you the opportunity to remain a loyal customer and continue to buy from your personal coach, become an Ambassador and thus obtain a 25% discount, become a personal coach yourself, with numerous professional advantages at an economic and personal level . The choice is yours, the future is in your hands!

chi era Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn has been a tremendous motivator and has managed to inspire and improve the performance of countless distributors around the world. He has been a Herbalife consultant for many, many years; has numerous participations in special events and seminars dedicated to personal and professional growth. His words are a source of inspiration for many managers and self-employed workers, who have been able to derive a starting point for life from Jim's numerous quotes.

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