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Vice President Worldwide External NutritionThe company Herbalife does not follow trends. In nutrition, fashions are based on news scientific of the moment.

Scientific research shows that the Red meat increases the possibility of developing tumors, the key thing is to control the quantity and the frequency with which we eat it. So a moderate use of them is not risky for our body. If you want to learn more about this topic, read this article written by the AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research. Of course it's all about probabilities, a bit like smoking.

We can note several food currents in humans lately. We have who eats Red meat in moderation, those who eat meat but only white, then poultry, turkey etc ...
We have those who eat only fish and who instead, known as vegetarians, does not eat meat but only derived from animals, therefore eggs, milk, etc.

On the other hand, there are those who espouse, for moral, environmental and other reasons, a diet that comes only from vegetables, so no animal meat and no animal derivatives, the so-called vegans. The problem that could emerge from this type of diet is proteins.

We know that in meats and derivatives we have a complete protein, which therefore has all the amino acids, so-called essential, which are needed by our body since it cannot synthesize them on its own in sufficient quantities, so they must be introduced with food. In the adult human being these are 9, while during the developmental age they are 12.

How can these essential amino acids be introduced into our vegan diet?

Two highly used foods come to our aid: Pasta and legumes, where one is deficient in certain amino acids, the other allows us to compensate.

If you want to deepen you can read this article.

Herbalife does not follow trends, Herbalife follows science, thanks to the scientific committee made up of Nobel laureates and many PhDs, many of whom are at the head of the FDA, Food and Drug Administration which is a department of health and human services of the United States of America. Some examples are the Professor Steve Henig,Professor David Heber, Professor Luigi Gratton,Professor Louis Ignarro, Doctor John Heiss, Paolo Giacomoni (Vice President Worldwide External Nutrition e Vasilios Frankos (Senior Vice President of Product Compliance and Safety 


A few years ago the Formula 1 Free, which is currently available in Raspberry and White Chocolate flavors. It is called Free because it does not contain Gluten, Lactose and Soy. Clearly when it is prepared, you must not use milk, not even partially skimmed, otherwise we will lose the lactose-free formula. You can use a soy milk, if you don't have any allergies or you can simply mix it with of water to maintain all its fundamental element: that is, that it is soy, lactose and gluten free.


With products Herbalife just bring some Formula 1 powder with you, without having to go crazy carrying a thousand components. As soon as you want to have lunch or a cue, simply add a little water and shake well.

Herbalife offers a meal absolutely balanced, as the zone diet also indicates, there are percentages that are proven by science, which allow us to lose weight correctly and in health:

  • 40 of carbohydratesi
  • 30 of proteine
  • 30 fati

Here are the proteins, it does not seem, but they are fundamental. People think that you need to cut calories to lose weight. Instead it is essential to integrate the correct balance of macronutrients: proteins proteins, lipid fats and carbohydrates carbohydrates.rati).

I take in that certain number of calories for the maintenance of mine basal metabolic rate, minus a small percentage to be able to lose some weight. But, fundamentally, I insert the proteins and insert them in proportion to my body weight. If you don't have to enter the body brick, that is proteins, the organism that is not intelligent in this and rows against it, goes to attack the muscles first because they are easier to convert into energy than fats.

Along with the protein intake, there are also fluids which are essential. This is to hydrate the body and help drain excess fluids. They take away the melting fat and allow you to lose weight.

Why the jar Herbalife Formula 1 it is balanced?

Because it has all the vitamins, all the mineral salts, the trace elements and even the carbohydrates because carbohydrates are also included in the balanced formula of the product.

So discovering that animal protein could be harmful, what Herbalife did?

Herbalife has transformed with a very complicated process, it has had to change catalogs, labels, prices and suppliers. In this way, transforming its main product, which has been going on since 1980, makes it a suitable product for vegans and for celiacs.

All new Herbalife Formula 1 flavors:

  • Delight chocolate;
  • Banana Cream;
  • Caffellatte;
  • Vanilla Cream;
  • Spiced Apple;
  • Mint and chocolate;
  • Strawberry Delight;
  • Crunchy biscuit;
  • Berries;
  • Raspberry and White Chocolate - Suitable for vegans, lactose intolerant and celiacs.


All flavors have been replaced and no longer contain milk, with proteins from animals, but have been replaced with soy proteins. In the case of Formula 1 instead Free Raspberry is Chocolate White, you do not even have lactose, this to counteract the lactose intolerant, who will still be able to enjoy the Herbalife formula 1. The proteins in this case come from peas, pomegranate and blueberry. Clearly these proteins are much more expensive than those from animals and are also more valuable.

So we have a huge range of products that are vegan and suitable for celiacs because they are Gluten Free.

Herbalife is committed to transform all its tastes, in order to be suitable for vegans and gluten-free.

With the new Herbalife smoothies, we have all the benefits of 22 vitamins and minerals, fibers is proteins high quality milk derived from soy or come on peas and carbohydrates of vegetable origin to give a prolonged feeling of satiety.

Among these micronutrients, we also have the C vitamin  which allows us to strengthen our immune defenses, fundamental in this period of Covid-19. It will help us get less sick from flu seasonal and for the cold. But not only does it help us to be more resistant to the development of cancer problems and heart problems. Learn more here: C vitamin 

Obviously, the use of Herbalife jars differs according to your problem, if you are a celiac person you can also use partially skimmed milk, for those who are intolerant to soy and not lactose, with 250 ml of soy. If you want to make a lactose-free smoothie just replace the milk with water. Each package contains product useful to create 22 smoothies.

For best results, you should substitute two main meals, one of which is always there Breakfast and the other choice: breakfast lunch or breakfast dinner.a.

Breakfast must always be replaced because it is essential. To maintain your weight, you can keep it forever by replacing just breakfast and eating nutritious meals for lunch and dinner.

The proteins of the various types, coming from soy or peas, are still contained in all smoothies Formula 1. Protein is important because it ensures the sense of satiety, it is not as immediate as that of carbohydrate which gives you instant fullness. However with carbohydrates the curve glycemic it undergoes sudden changes, rising as soon as we eat them.

Everything is processed immediately and the blood sugar curve drops dramatically and hunger returns. With proteins it's a whole other story. The wave is much longer and the feeling of satiety persists for 4 hours or more.

In any case, it is not necessary to skip the classic mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. For those used to having a constant diet, there are snacks that you can consume: Protein bars isFormula 1 Express Bars, they can be used to not get too hungry for the next meal and overdo the calories ingested.


The success of the Herbalife diet: 3 Million Smoothies consumed daily. With more than 500 thousand Distributors all over the world e 94 Ministries who have approved their products in their country.

A product that is contested by the competition but which has held up well 40 years. This success is due to the fact that there is never a sense of hunger and the organism is nourished completely and in a balanced world.

One week after starting the diet Herbalife strength and energy are regained and abdominal and visceral fat is lost.

This fat is an inflammatory state that can turn into a tumor. The decrease of this state brings a greater power, It allows you to climb the steps better, you turn better in bed and you feel a feeling of well-being and acceptance of your body. You won't have to carry around all this mass, a loss of 20 kg it's like losing three big boxes of water.

A gift made to our heart, in summer when it is already overloaded to keep the body cool. Energy is found because the decrease in inflammation, or fat mass, allows you to have fewer headaches and greatly increases the energy we have.

Herbal tea, green tea gives us energy like coffee but at the same time is good for us, this is because it allows the drainage of liquids inside the cells, that drainage that is blocked by salt. One of the few rules of the Herbalife diet is: drink lots of water and decrease the salt in your daily diet.


But let's not forget about the free meal. The free meal is essential in the diet Herbalife. The free meal means eating unlimited vegetables, even with condiments, especially raw oil. Spices can also be used. Vegetables with spices, the pleasure of doing something fast but not forgetting the pleasure of eating.

Doctor Stefano Erzegovesi,  head of the Eating Disorders Center of the IRCCS San Raffaele Turro Hospital in Milan, says that he and his children eat these tasty vegetables, white meat, fish, bresaola. Avoiding lasagna, baked pasta but also eating fruit, except banana and grapes. Fruit in modest quantities is excellent as a snack to break hunger. Vegetables contain a lot of fiber and very few calories.

So these new product formulations principles of Herbalife, I'm not just trying to keep up with fashion. They go towards a improvement of products and go towards Welfare.

At the same time these products were created, the name also changed from Herbalife to Herbalfie Nutrion. In fact, Herbalife not only deals with diets but also sponsors champions in all disciplines.

Some examples are: Arianna Fontana, Arianna Errigo, the Cones, Cristiano Ronaldo, Italian Swimming Federation, Fidal, Giuseppe Vicino, TRENTINO VOLLEY is Simona Quadarella. Read all sponsorships: getali.htmHERE

Nutrition for sports, once again proteins, reintegration of mineral salts after exertion, products for the gym, both for those who do weightlifting and for those who do aerobics.

  • Rebuild Endurance: for those who practice triathlon, running, marathons and in general exercise aerobic.
  • Rebuild Strenght:for those who want to increase their own mass muscular.


The sponsorship with Cristiano Ronaldo has been a success, since he is linked to Herbalife he is the only winner of the Golden Ball. Ronaldo insisted on adding a new protein product:








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