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The company has recently introduced some specific supplements reserved for sportsmen and professional athletes, and for all those who regularly attend the gym. The line is called Herbalife24 and wants to meet the needs of people who face exhausting training at a competitive level. This does not mean that the amateur sportsman cannot use them: the quality of these formulations is far superior to other blends and has been tested and analyzed in the Herbalife laboratories by a team of experienced sports scientists and nutritionists. THEHerbalife products for the gym they provide the athlete with everything he needs in training, recovery and even warm-up phases. They adapt perfectly to the level of sport and competition practiced. Herbalife 24 line perfect for the professional athlete but also for amateur activitiesi Those who practice a sport at a competitive level have a constant need to monitor the foods introduced into the body to avoid leaving them deficient in some fundamental element, such as proteins, carbohydrates or fats. There Herbalife24 line guarantees a very high quality nutrition and provides the athlete with perfect nutritional values for his body. On the other hand, those who practice physical activity from time to time do not often allow the body to adapt to the effort, risking getting really hurt and frustrating the training. Also in this case io i Herbalife products for the gym they replenish all the lost substances in the body, avoiding difficult recovery or excessive muscle stress.Here are Herbalife products for the gym and for athletes in general  
  • Formula 1 PRO, the meal replacement par excellence, suitable for people who do physical activity
  • Hydrate, to never risk dehydration and to replenish the electrolytes lost during exercise
  • Prolong, to best support prolonged physical exertion, with lots of carbohydrates, proteins and sodium suitable for cyclists, swimmers, footballers, etc..)
  • Rebuild Endurance, to be taken after finishing an aerobic activity, better if coupled with Prolongng)
  • Rebuild Strength, for a quick recovery after an anaerobic crossfit activity, weight lifting, etc.c.)
All athletes are perfectly aware of having to supplement their normal diet with products specifically designed for their needs; in this as in many other sectors, Herbalife has hit the mark with its new line tested and analyzed in minimum terms, providing athletes with effective, healthy and safe formulations.

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