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Why is the Herbalife price list not visible?

This is a question that users of our site or people who contact us for the first time often ask us: why are the prices of Herbalife products not immediately available and is it necessary to register first in order to see the Herbalife price list? Thus it must be in accordance with a specific request by the company for which the prices of Herbalife products must not be visible to the public and are accessible only after the user has registered. No problem! ...maybe just a little more bureaucracy! The greatest guarantee is that you are on a secure site, managed by a Herbalife Authorized Distributor which scrupulously follows the company's directives, i.e. it guarantees:
  • Official Herbalife list prices
  • Factory fresh Herbalife products delivered directly by the company
  • Free delivery to your address, at no additional cost, the goods will be delivered to you for free in a delivery time ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours maximum.
  • Security that the Herbalife products you ordered will receive the same care they received in the factory during transport: temperature, right degree of humidity, exposure to the sun.
  • Warranty 30 day money back guarantee: if you don't like the product we will refund it completely!
Once registered, you will be able to consult both our price list, which corresponds exactly to the Herbalife price list, that the HL product catalog with the photo and description of each individual product of both HL Internal Nutrition and HL External Nutrition, as well as Herbalife products for sportsmen and the brand new line of H24 sports products. For any further information or clarification we are at your disposal with our experts. Contact us now!

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