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The heart, second only to the brain, is certainly the most important organ of our body and heavily affects our state of health, specific as the cardiovascular one, but also generic affects the liver, kidneys, brain, etc. There are various factors which can disturb the proper functioning of this organ, are also defined as risk factors; some of them are editable, others unfortunately not. no.

Non-modifiable risk factors for heart health

The patient's age is at the top of the risk pyramid, which is definitely not modifiable; years and decades make us more vulnerable and the incidence of heart attacks multiplies; several studies also show that men are weaker from a cardiac point of view than women, with the same age and lifestyle. Familiarity also heavily affects the risk factors, that is the presence among the closest relatives of important cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases to be sought above all in brothers, sisters and parents. Environmental pollution also generates considerable problems, and nowadays, only by taking refuge in the high mountains can we avoid these risks.ischi.

Modifiable risk factors for heart health

Surely the consumption of tobacco is one of the main causes of cardiovascular problems, but no less is the stress caused by the hectic life to which we are subjected every day; sometimes taking a break can be a real panacea for body and mind. Anxiety and nervousness in turn affect blood pressure, soaring it, causing heart attacks and heart related diseases. Even those suffering from diabetes should be very careful because the imbalances of blood sugar, caused by an incorrect action of insulin could weaken the entire cardiovascular system. Another unpredictable and certainly interesting factor is blood cholesterol; high levels create a kind of barrier in the arteries, causing strokes and heart attacks. High cholesterol levels are generally accompanied by overweight and obesity, which in recent years are the leading cause of death in the Western population..

What Herbalife offers for your heart health

Here are a few simple but basic steps that will help you live longer and healthier:
  • Introduce foods low in trans acids and saturated fats into your daily diet, avoiding junk food, prepackaged snacks, chips, snacks and so on; replace the usual white cereals with something wholemeal for a greater supply of fiber and for a control of glucose peaks; prefer white meat to red; fill up on lean fish, fruit and vegetables
  • Stop the sedentary lifestyle! Get moving, take the stairs instead of the elevator, cycle to work, sign up for some class at the gym the chair is not your friendca
  • Integrate your diet with an innovative product that has recently arrived in Herbalife: several clinical studies have shown howBeta Heart help you lower blood cholesterol levels by providing lots of beta-glucan fiber and proteinne

What are Beta-glucans

Beta-glucans also called β-glucans are part of dietary fiber and make up the soluble fraction, therefore absorbable by humans; exert benefits in the body such as to improve gastric and intestinal emptying and to reduce cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood. They are linear polysaccharides composed of glucose molecules.sio.

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