Losing your belly after pregnancy

Diet tips
Perdere la pancia dopo la gravidanza
The long-awaited moment has finally arrived: after nine months of dreams and fears, here you can hold your beloved baby in your arms. It is small, soft, sweet and only asks you for lots of cuddles is the most beautiful moment of your life; But every time you look in the mirror you see your profile that doesn't want to know how to go back to the way it was before pregnancy. It is a problem that afflicts many women, indeed, almost all. It is not easy to get back into shape after giving birth, or in any case it does not happen quickly. The only solution is to roll up your sleeves and follow these valuable tips for losing your belly.ancia.

Rules for a flat stomach after childbirth

Follow a varied and correct dieta

It is vitally important for breastfeeding to feed flawlessly in order to provide the baby with the best and most nutritious milk in the world but also for women who cannot breastfeed the baby, following a healthy and low-fat diet can be an excellent idea to take off. a few extra pounds and to see a toned and firm belly again. So green light for white meats, fish and eggs but also vegetables at will, as long as they are lightly seasoned. Every day it is important to introduce a good percentage of vitamins, trace minerals and fibers into the bodyre

Get focused exercise

Surely, to accompany a low-calorie diet, gymnastics is the best ally. Those who are breastfeeding must refrain from exercises that are too debilitating, but can easily take long walks with the wheelchair, at a good pace, which will be good for the mother and the baby. Those who do not breastfeed, obviously waiting for all the tissues to settle after childbirth, can also aim for some courses in the gym such as laerobics, zumba and other activities, obviously first getting advice from the treating doctor or gynecologist. There are also some isometric gymnastics exercises that will help tone the abdomen and are also suitable for nursing mothers, as they are soft and do not risk the accumulation of toxins in the milk. Just squeeze and release your abs, maintaining the contraction for a few seconds. It is an activity that should be carried out in several installments during the dayrnata

Use some firming cream

Diet and sport are certainly the best idea to lose your belly and get back into your pre-baby jeans, but you can certainly help yourself by using a toning and firming cream every day to spread carefully all over the abdomen, with circular movements; even better if after a shower, taking advantage of the dilation of the pores for quick absorption.o.

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