Why am I not losing weight? The 7 rules to start losing weight

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Perché non perdo peso? Le 7 regole per iniziare a dimagrire
You have tried everything but you cannot lose weight You are surely wondering why you are having these difficulties, but perhaps there are genetic causes behind them or simply some bad habits that you need to eliminate. In any case, if you want to reverse your situation and make a change by starting to lose weight here are 7 rules to follow scrupulously.

7 rules to start losing weight

  1. Consume fewer calories than generally consumed Taking in fewer calories is certainly the first thing to do to start losing weight, but never overdo it.
  2. Drink more waterPoor hydration causes thewater retentionand does not allow the dissolution of fats. Therefore, it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to promote fat metabolism and consequently weight loss.
  1. Consume 5-6 meals a day Increasing the number of meals from 3 to 5-6 per day allows you to burn more fat thanks to the increase in thermogenesis, i.e. the body's production of heat..
  2. Limit the consumption of sugarsExcessive sugar consumption is assimilated in the form of fat. Limit your consumption of sugars and take low-calorie energy drinks.
  3. Eat lots of vegetablesLow in calories, vegetables are rich in nutrients and give a strong sense of satiety. Ideal to consume in abundance, they satisfy by promoting weight loss.
  1. Exercise to lose fat and not muscleRegular physical activity with aerobic exercise helps the body burn calories and promotes weight loss.
  2. Avoid doing too many crunchesWorking too hard on the abs does not help to remove the belly because localized weight loss does not exist. Instead, to eliminate excess abdominal fat, the fat cells must be stimulated to mobilize fats in the blood to use them at the cellular level by the muscles and obtain energy.

A boost to your metabolism with Herbalife products

In a weight loss program it is necessary to introduce a support that reactivates the metabolism and therefore promotes weight loss. Herbalife products are made up of natural elements and formulated to promote weight loss and included in a low-calorie diet help to obtain better results, bringing benefits to the body and health in general. Thermo Complete by Herbalifestimulates the dissolution of fat pads and gives the body a burst of fat-burning energy that facilitates weight loss. Taking this product helps the body to dispose of excess fat, especially when there is a certain deadlock in weight reduction. The metabolic boost given by the thermogenic effect of green tea and its EGCG catechins disposes of old fat reserves and slows down the formation of new fat deposits. Thermo Complete also contains maté grass and Vitamin C.na C.

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