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70 of our body is represented by water, and from this it is clear that hydration is essential for most bodily functions, from temperature regulation, to the disposal of toxins, to the absorption of vitamins and minerals. The body uses about two liters of water throughout the day, although the requirement varies according to the age of the subject, external temperatures and particular pathologies, if any.enti.

How to reach the requirement of two liters per day

In the total count, we speak in each case of liquids, and not just water; in the two recommended liters we must also take into account fruit juices, herbal teas, soups etc. So a good method is to always have a bottle of water, or a cold unsweetened drink, to be able to rehydrate from time to time. In any case, it is advisable not to wait for the feeling of thirst to drink something, because it is a message from the brain that starts fromli osmoreceptors, in an attempt to avoid a state of dehydration. You should never get to feel dry mouth and a great desire to drink, because we would already be in a state of pre-alarm. The first symptoms of dehydration are headaches, poor concentration and unnecessary tiredness. Most of the liquids we consume go to the brain, and it is from there that the first signs of disturbance caused by the lack of water in the body start. Many people today suffer from a sort of chronic dehydration, not serious, which, however, lasting over time, is subtle and does not stand out. This involuntary situation is often the real cause of numerous diseases, for which no real diagnosis can be found. When you drink little, the plasma volume gradually decreases and the lematocrit ratio between the molecules and the liquid part of the blood increases, triggering many negative chemical reactions, which put all vital organs in a state of

What Herbalife recommends

Busy people often don't have time, or simply don't remember, to drink water often to avoid dehydration. Other subjects do not like to drink water, and therefore need a drink that is not too caloric or sugary that can make up for the lack of fluids during the day. Herbalife recommends takingi Hydrate H24, a calorie-free electrolyte drink with 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, to combat fatigue and chronic fatigue. It is a product without preservatives and dyes, rich in vitamin B, calcium and magnesium to stimulate metabolism and to regenerate muscles and skeleton. It is a drink to be used at any time of the day, even just to replenish fluids, but it is also suitable for athletes, before and after training or during important physical efforts. The osmolarity of Hydrate H24 is less than 270 mOsmol / kg, and represents the concentration of a solution, i.e. the number of dissolved particles regardless of the electrical charge and

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