Lunch break at work:the mistakes you shouldn't make for your diet

Diet tips
Pausa pranzo al lavoro: gli errori da non fare per la tua dieta
In an increasingly hectic world, many employees find themselves having lunch every day with a quick sandwich to eat in 10 minutes. Often, for those whose lunch break is very narrow, the sandwich in question is even consumed in the office, in front of the computer. The consequences for health can be very significant and for this it is necessary to follow some advice, especially for those on a diet.

Lunch break: stop at the flying sandwich

For many, the quick sandwich is something that cannot be renounced between one shift and another. Nothing wrong with tasting a good sandwich every now and then, but this shouldn't be the daily habit. There are many alternative foods that you can eat even when you are short on time: salads ready-made and savory pies are among the most popular, but if you have a microwave oven in the office, you can invent even more recipes. And if the lunch break were generous enough to allow us to go to some restaurant, trattoria or bar with a kitchen where at little price you can eat a good plate of pasta and a second course, so much the better. Do afull meal and eaten calmly as far as logically possible will allow us to return to work with more energy and motivation than when we swallow a sandwich on the fly, perhaps still sitting in front of the computer. 

Sandwich yes, but healthy

When choosing to eat the sandwich during your lunch break, it is good to understand how the composition of the ingredients is particularly important. Bar classics such as speck & amp; brie, tuna and mayonnaise or mortadella are not exactly appropriate recipes for those who want to follow a healthy lifestyle. Even worse, those who eat kebabs or hamburgers every day, perhaps soaked in sauces. Such calorie bombs should be reserved as an occasional sneak and not eaten on a daily basis. Opting for light and equally tasty sandwiches that are also found in some bars such as those with grilled vegetables or tomato and mozzarella is certainly the best choice. 

Lunch break at the bar or bringing food from home?

If you have time to go out to eat in a place, it is good to consider whether it is also enough to eat a hot dish while sitting comfortably. Better solution than devouring a sandwich on the fly with your elbows on the counter. If not, making the sandwich at home the night before will allow us to save a recurring expense item. It will also allow us to know exactly what we are eating. All this will also allow us to recycle any leftovers from the night before, saving and also allowing us to eat things other than the usual sandwich. We know very well how demanding work is and how difficult it is to reconcile it with a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, however, it takes very little effort to improve in this regard and rethinking what we eat during the lunch break is very useful. It will allow us to eat in a healthier and more conscious way and, despite the limited time at our disposal, to enjoy at least a moment of pause. All this, without reaching the excesses of an employee who devours a sandwich loaded with sauces in front of the computer in a second.

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