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You're ready to make protein pancakes to get your day off to a good start?

After the night, moment longer thanfasting of our body it is recommended to introduce the correct nutritional values and the protein pancake is just for us.

It is especially recommended for anyone who doesgym or any other physical activity but also for those who have a particularly sedentary life.

Today we will see two recipes: Protein pancakes with protein powder and no protein powder.

PROTEIN PANCAKES with protein powder:

The ingredients we will need to prepare our pancakes are:

  • egg whites:200 gr;
  • oatmeal or oatmeal:50 g;
  • protein powder:30 gr;
  • baking powder:½ spoon;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • sugar cane:1 and ½ tablespoons;

Now that we have all our ingredients on our kitchen table, let's take a bowl and pour them all into it.

Done thiswe mix for good, using onewhisk to prevent the annoying lumps from forming.

As soon as we believe we have gotten onehomogeneous and thick batter we are ready to start cooking the batter in a non-stick pan.).

Before putting it in the pan, remember to pour a little of oil you hatebutter on a non-stick pan and the advice is not to cook over high heat and leave them 1 minute per side.

After that we can add some fruit or peanut butter or anything that appeals to usappetite!


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Now let's see the recipe for preparing somePROTEIN PANCAKES without protein powder.

PROTEIN PANCAKES without protein powder:

The ingredients we will need to prepare our pancakes are:

  • egg whites:150ml;
  • oatmeal or oatmeal:3 tablespoons;
  • baking powder:half a spoon;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • sugar cane:1 and ½ tablespoons;
  • Greek yogurt:1 and ½ tablespoons;

The recipe is basically the same as for protein pancakes with protein powder, so:

We take allingredients just listed and pour them into a bowl.

Done this let's take onewhisk and start mixing until we get a thick and homogeneous batter.

We pour a threadof oil orbutter on a non-stick pan and then pour our batter and let it cook a minimum per side over medium heat.

We add something that is to our liking to fill the pancakes andLET'S BEGIN well our working day, school or sports!

We hope this recipe is useful for you!






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