New F1 Vanilla format 30 portions

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Nuovo formato F1 Vaniglia 30 porzioni
Have you ever thought that to follow a balanced and effortless diet you only need a few simple daily gestures and some advice from expert nutritionists Well, if you haven't figured it out yet, now this is possible! If you want to maintain your ideal weight, or reach it without going crazy, rely on a very tasty meal replacement developed by Herbalife that allows you to obtain in a single luscious blender with lots of vitamins, minerals and proteins..

The properties of Herbalife Formula 1

To get an incredible supply of soy and milk proteins, usingHerbalife Formula 1 once or twice a day, you will get:
  • A healthy and delicious meal, easy to prepare and enjoyable even at work
  • A low calorie energy smoothie only 220 per servinge)
  • Lots of healthy proteins, building blocks of our body 18 g per servinge)
  • Many vitamins and mineral salts
  • 6 different flavors
  • Also available without lactose and gluten

New 2017 !!

You have already tasted Herbalife's most requested and most effective product to dispose of excess kilos You like the vanilla taste Then today you can also access thel new format, from 780 g, enough for 30 servings of smoothie. A precious monthly supply for your health!

How to use Herbalife Formula 1

You choose when to use this rich protein shake. You can drink it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. To maintain a healthy weight, we recommend consuming 1 smoothie a day, while to lose weight better 2. Dissolve two scoops about 26 grams of powder in 250 milliliters of semi-skimmed or fully skimmed milk, unsweetened fruit juice or still water..

There are contraindications?

Herbalife recommends pregnant women and diabetic patients only to seek medical advice about their state of health and the benefit / risk ratio of using this diet before starting this new diet. Herbalife Formula 1. As for people in good health, the prolonged use of the Herbalife shake has never found specific contraindications. We also remind you that all Herbalife products have undergone a considerable number of tests and analyzes, and are approved by the Ministries of Health of almost 100 countries around the world, as well as being used for more than thirty years by millions of people.e.

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