Don't be perpetually tired, the energy starts from the table!

Diet tips
Non essere perennemente stanco, l’energia parte dalla tavola!
If you are going through a strange, perhaps stressful period, in which you feel very little concentrated at work but also with your family members, you would like to always be lying in bed or sunk in your sofa, maybe it's time to roll up your sleeves and find a good trick not to be a continuous yawn inside and outside the house. In spring and summer, the days get longer, there is more light and all the basal metabolic activity awakens, requiring you to have more energy effort. Allergies, a few hours of sleep, a stressful routine and always being in a hurry are all factors that can prevent you from having all the vitality you need. Think locally about your diet and ask yourself: Do I eat enough Maybe I eat too much I dedicate enough time to my meals or I am always in a hurry I consume seasonal fruit and vegetables every day These are all important questions, because, sometimes, the answer to all our we find problems right there, at the table, on the plate every day. Food is our fuel and must be calibrated according to our needs, which change from individual to individual, even if there are general rules that apply to everyone.ono per tutti.

What to eat to feel more active

With the advent of heat and sultry days, our diet must necessarily change compared to the cold winter seasons. Our body sometimes tries in vain to send us precise signals, such as the desire for cold, light, lightly seasoned foods, based above all on seasonal vegetables and fresh fruit. The meat consumed should be strictly lean and white and not more than twice a week, while green light for fish and shellfish, real protagonists of the seas in summer. In the hot season, vitamins and minerals play a very important role, which is to regulate internal temperature, sweating, digestion and energy production. Not always in our diet we are able to include all the foods most useful to our body for a short time, laziness or little culinary culture.a.

A supplement for an extra gear

The Herbalife company thinks precisely of people who, like you, struggle to take in all the necessary nutrients throughout the day, and offers on the marketo Cell Active, a supplement with vitamins B1, B2 and B6 to stimulate the production of enzymes for cellular metabolism, and which helps the body to obtain all the possible benefits from ingested food, stimulating it in the production of energy. Used every day, it will restore vigor and strength to face life with your head held high..

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