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Mirtillo: Proprietà e Benefici
Theblueberry it has remarkable beneficial properties, which also vary according to the color of the berry. In summer, specifically between July and August, what is called the ripensBlackberry, with black-violet fruits, present only in the mountains of Northern Italy and some scrub can also be found in Central Italy, always in mountainous areas. The particularly dark color is given byanthocyanins, substances that fortify the capillaries and therefore useful for good circulation. Cranberry juice is also often used as a natural astringent in people suffering from diarrhea. The bilberry also contains a lotvitamin A, great for eyesight. It is generally tasted as it is found in nature, or in jams. TheCranberry it is also called American Blueberry and looks like a small berry of an intense red. We often find it in desserts, even as a decoration, or in jams that accompany various meat dishes, such as turkey on Thanksgiving or Swedish meatballs. Larbutin present in this fruit stimulates diuresis and is disinfectant and beneficial for the urinary tract. Its disinfectant and antibiotic power is useful for fighting many important inflammatory situations, such as cystitis and candida, especially enemies of women of childbearing age. It also stimulates the absorption of iron, and therefore is recommended for anemics. Thel Blueberry it is perhaps the best known species, with large round fruits of an opaque blue, sweet but at times also acidic. With anthocyanins, flavonodes and tannins, the blueberry is truly a panacea for allcardiocirculatory system, and it also appears to have anticancer benefits, as it inhibits the production of harmful cells. It strengthens the walls of the arteries and veins and stimulates proper internal circulation. Highly digestible, all types of blueberries, if eaten for breakfast, stimulate the whole digestive system, give a sense of satiety, give energy and do not weigh in any way on the daily diet, as they bring very few calories. Blueberries should be taken on a regular basis by children, the elderly, but also by pregnant women, to prevent some seasonal illness and not having to resort to chemical medicines. You can invent herbal teas, jams, cakes, special first courses and much more; Sometimes, however, blueberries are not an easy to find fruit, and in order not to risk deficiencies in vitamins, flavonodes and other important nutrients, you can take an enriched food as a supplement which, on a daily basis, completes what is the mineral picture and vitamins to be taken throughout the day. Herbalife proposese Formula 1 Free, gluten-free, which contains blueberry extracts andpomegranate, it helps to provide in a single meal everything that can be useful for the body to live well and in health..

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