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Mantenere alte le difese immunitarie
Now here we are: autumn is upon us, the first cold weather, the children at school bringing germs and bacteria into the house at will, the more closed offices and the heating that dries the air and mucous membranes. With the arrival of theella cold season being able without too much effort to keep the natural immune defenses high can be a good prevention that could make us go through all the winter frost unscathed, to find ourselves in spring in no time! Aoptimal nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are an excellent starting point for our antibodies, which at home from the pollution and stressful rhythms of today's life, really need to be strengthened and helped in carrying out their precious work..

What to put on the table to feel better

Therefruit (especially citrus fruits such as orange and lemons and the vegetables they must never be missing in a balanced diet that respects itself. They contain very important mineral salts and vitamins without which we would not be able to survive. Let's talk aboutvitamins C, E and A which are at the forefront to help our immune system fight viruses and bacteria and ward off seasonal ailments. Our body expects to have a certain constant amount of vitamins available to protect cells from oxidative stress and to help them regenerate frequently. White blood cells produce antibodies which, in fact, are proteins. And therefore an adequate daily protein intake will support this continuous production of defenses in our body. Green light therefore to poultry, dairy products, fish and lean meats in general.

What to avoid in order not to frustrate our efforts

In fact, there are attitudes that also damage the benefits that a healthy diet can give. For example, stress is a great enemy of our immune system, as it tends to destroy antibodies and expose the body to serious difficulties especially during the cold season. Cigarette smoking should also be avoided like the plague, although often we are not the culprits, but all the passive smoke that, alas, we breathe. An outdoor life stimulates the creation of natural immune barriers, so at least in summer it would be a good habit to spend most of the hours outside, in the shade of a park, at the sea, in the mountains. the more our body will be adequately prepared to get ready for colds and flu.enze.

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