Eat well without giving up? Here are 7 tips!

Diet tips
Mangiare bene senza rinunce? Ecco 7 consigli!
Eat well it is the basis of well-being. A healthy diet, combined with a daily dose of physical activity and, why not, a good basic dietary supplement, allows us to live better and longer. But how to eat well without stressing too much If you are not a great lover of mathematical calculations, weights or prescribed diets and so far they have all failed with youe) try these seven tips!

1. Never skip breakfast!

Foreat well is essential to have a healthy breakfast, balanced and nutritious. The most important meal of the day is often the one that everyone gives less importance to. Has astrong impact on hormonal health and it should be rich but digestible, to make us better face work, study and all our morning activities. You are always in a hurry With the delicious Herbalife Formula 1 you really have no more excuses!

 2. To eat well, choose simple foods

When you shop,avoid prepackaged products. Rely on simple foods, with very few ingredients. Cooking is a joy and you will take care of preparing delicious dishes at home. Delicious, yes, but much healthier than what you find in the frozen counter!

3. Include vegetables with each main meal

Vegetables,both cooked and raw, are very important for the well-being of the organism. They contain fibers, with a preventive action for many diseases.They increase the sense of satiety, they are light and low-calorie and rich in micronutrients.

4. Green light to whole grains!

Whole grains have a tasty and much more "rustic" flavor than what we are used to. Once you get the hang of pasta, bread and wholemeal flours, you won't be able to do without them. The benefits Definitely is having an lower glycemic index and guarantee youprolonged satiety, without having the typical Sunday lunch "abiocco"!

5. Don't forget about proteins!

Protein should not be taken only by athletes. They are among the most important nutrients. Inserting them in every meal, varying the sources, will allow you toreach the recommended protein quota according to your age, height and weight.

6. Drink, but drink A LOT

Water is essential and often thirst is "mistaken" for hunger. A strange catch in our brain that we can solve simply by drinking more. We will keep in contactless tired and fatigued and we will be able to avoid all those harmful cravings for refined sugars.

7. Helps digestion

If you're always in a hurry and stress plays tricks on your stomach, help digestion with a daily dose ofAloe Vera, you will immediately feel the difference!

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