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Lo Staff Medico-Scientifico di Herbalife
In support of the efficiency and effectiveness of the products formulated in the Herbalife laboratories, and of how they are controlled and tested, as well as approved by the appropriate Ministries in each country where they are marketed, we want to make a summary of the high personalities who are part of the scientific team that every day works behind the scenes in the company. They are all distinguished doctors and scientists recognized worldwide thanks to their studies and their discoveries. The very high quality level of Herbalife products owes its fame to these nutrition and wellness experts who for decades have been constantly contributing to the continuous improvement of formulations.oni.

The illustrious minds of Herbalife

Here is who we are talking about, specifically:
  • Louis Ignarro, our esteemed Nobel Prize in Medicine and member of the Executive Committee; thanks to his contribution, various Herbalife products have been launched on the market, including Nitework formulated on the basis of the discovery for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.
  • David Heber, 11 times declared America's best doctor, and creator of the nutritional pyramid, is the president of the Herbalife Committee for nutrition and director of the UCLA Center for Human NutritionCLA
  • Luigi Gratton, former athletics champion and former athletic trainer, has been part of the HL team for years, is now vice president for nutritional training
  • John Heiss is Herbalife Sport and Fitness Global Marketing Director, creator of Line 24
  • Gary Small, a great expert in cellular aging, he is a member of the Executive Committee for nutritione
  • Maurizio Casasco, vice president of Efsma, was also president of the Italian sports medical federation, is now also president of Confapi, also received an honorary degree from Hiroshima Universityma
Thanks to these scholars who are so important in the medical-scientific world, HL products follow very high quality standards, not only in the United States, but all over the world. The company also boasts a major Human Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory located within UCLA, which is the largest university in the world University of California at Los Angeles and reference point for all that is innovation in the field of human nutrition. This independent center dedicated to the founder Mark Hughes, was created and strongly desired by the current President and CEO Michael O. Johnson, in order to create new standards in knowledge of human nutrition, with the use of innovative technologies. In these laboratories thea la chemical profiling, which is a state-of-the-art method for identifying the chemical complexes of various naturally occurring herbs and their benefits on human cells..

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