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There are many people now who choose to devote part of their time to a sport, both at a competitive level and for pure fun, or to stay in shape despite Sunday lunches with relatives or the fast-food sandwich. For some time there has been a steady increase in the market forbicycles, both to be able to move from home to work without polluting and without going crazy in traffic, and to higher levels and pushed thanks to the benefits that cycling can give our body. It is an aerobic type of discipline, that is, it aims at losing fat mass while improving the functions of the muscles. The joints, therefore the bones, the breath and the whole cardiovascular system benefit from it, and it is also suitable for those who cannot overload the osteoarticular system.

What to eat before the bike ride?

Unless it is really a gentle path of a few kilometers or the journey to go to the office, the athlete who wants to try his hand at a bike ride must feed himself in an adequate and targeted way. The nutritional principles will vary according to the objectives to be achieved, but in general the cyclist will have to store a lot of slow-release carbohydrates, pasta, rice, etc. lightly seasoned to remain light combined with vegetables for a constant supply of vitamins. Liquids should not be missing either, especially in spring and summer, as the body will need to be rehydrated before, during and after physical effort. The ideal drink will be of typetipo isotonic (or of the same concentration of plasma, to allow a fast rehydration rich in electrolytes and a not insignificant percentage of carbohydrates and vitamins. This type of solution will help thermoregulation and support the body during the effort. It must also be low in calories, to facilitate a waste of energy for those concerned, useful for weight loss. If the athlete's goals do not concern the dietary sphere but aim at a high and lasting performance, he will certainly have to train intensely and several times during the week, using a drink very rich in carbohydrates, combined with fructose and maltodextrins, to obtain an absorption of slow but continuous energies. The post-workout phase is also of fundamental importance, especially at the table: the cyclist must in fact feed not only on carbohydrates, but also on proteins, the real building blocks of our muscles, which will help replenish tissues and lean mass in a short time. .i.

Hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic solutions

For a sportsman it is of fundamental importance to understand the differences between the various types of drinks suitable for recovering hydration before, during and after muscular effort. It is necessary to recover all the minerals and nutrients lost during training. Hypotonic drinks have a lower concentration of minerals and other molecules than human blood and resemble sweat. So they do not block perspiration, contain electrolytes and very few carbohydrates. The organism stores them in an instant thanks to the osmotic pressure lower than the plasma and the intestine absorbs them easily. We have already talked about isotonic drinks, while hypertonic ones have a higher concentration of substances than blood. These are the typical carbonated drinks that have been so fashionable in recent decades and which are actually highly discouraged for athletes both before and during training, as they require excessive effort on the part of the body to be assimilated and digested properly. They can lead to intestinal disorders such as dysentery and slowly lead to dehydration. Green light therefore to plain water, to fruit juices without added sugars, to tea and herbal teas, or to choose isotonic drinks in specialized shops or at the supermarketotonica’ ‘hypotonic’ or‘isosmolar’. Try to useHydrate, the sports drink created in the Herbalife laboratories, rich in B vitamins, electrolytes and 100 of the RDA of vitamin C. With only 12 calories per serving and without the addition of sugars, it supports you during physical exertion and thanks to its power isotonic promotes energy metabolism and continuous hydration.nua.

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