Dietary supplementation is important. Let's find out why

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L'integrazione alimentare è importante. Scopriamo perchè
Food awareness has grown a lot in recent years. More and more people are paying attention to topics such as caloric intake and the right distribution of macronutrients, which is a positive phenomenon. However, there is still great confusion on the topic of integration; looking for "Natural food supplement" on any search engine you can easily find the different opinions of the different sources.

Why is integration important?

Meals, in many cases, are not sufficient to balance the correct amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to be taken in a day. Especially sportsmen or those who wish to lose weight, in fact, resort to supplements to achieve their goals with nutrition. As the word itself suggests, these serve to supplement the macronutrients taken from food, so they don't aim to replace it. Through integration, it is possible, for example, to benefit from the replacement of a high-calorie meal with a more balanced one. A classic example is replacing breakfast with a smoothie Formula 1 at Herbalifea very popular choice. This type of choice often amazes those who practice it, and the reason is very simple: there is too much disinformation. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What many are wrong is to think that it is then necessary to eat large amounts of carbohydrates and industrial fats to live healthy. Nothing more wrong! Proteins and the correct caloric intake are never aspects to be underestimated. Supplementation is also useful as regards the distribution of meals throughout the day. In fact, to maximize your metabolism, you need to distribute your macronutrient intake over at least five meals a day. Finding yourself having to cook something at 11 or 17 is uncomfortable for many people; a prepackaged snack, on the other hand, will only serve to worsen your health. Here a protein bar, such as those of Herbalife, can make a fair contribution to daily nutrition with maximum practicality.

Supplements, better natural or chemical?

This is another hotly debated topic. Chemically processed supplements can undoubtedly bring greater results in the short term. But what are the long-term effects on the kidneys and liver? Is it really worth damaging your organs and systems every day to get slightly better results? In our opinion not. Natural supplements allow you to introduce into the body only substances of which it recognizes the origin. Digestion thus takes place much more easily, and the chances of experiencing undesirable effects are also drastically reduced. Among these, the most common is belly swelling: in addition to being unsightly, it is indicative of the formation of gas in the belly due to the presence of foreign substances in the body. To find the natural supplements that best suit your needs, look among our products

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