The importance of balanced snacks in the weight loss process

Diet tips
L'importanza degli spuntini equilibrati nel processo della perdita di peso
People who go on a diet are convinced that the solution to all their problems is to eat little and only in the main meals. Nothing could be more wrong. This type of attitude causes frustration, irritability and chronic weakness, and often leaves the scales of little or no shift. To break your appetite and not get too hungry for lunch and dinner, you need two small snacks, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. We need a continuous energy exchange, for every activity we carry out even during sleep, and when the body realizes that it has no more fuel to draw from, it goes into a sort of stand-by, slowing down all essential metabolic processes. This is detrimental to the physical state, and also to weight loss. The body will not burn neither sugar nor fat and we will feel tired, lacking in strength and constantly struggling with the balance and with jeans that just don't want to close!rsi!

How important are snacks to break hunger

Many think that eating more often means eating more; it is not entirely true and, with a little forethought, the calories set for the day will not be exceeded in a low-calorie diet. A light snack helps us keep the metabolism well active, eliminating excess blood faster. A healthy and nutritious snack should contain about 10 of the total calories allowed, and be without added sugars or preservatives and dyes. A simple fruit may not be enough to quell hunger or stomach cramps..

Some mistakes to avoid

Here are some tips for those on a diet:
  • Those who skip breakfast or snacks will not have the energy needed for work or school activities
  • Exceeding the calories allowed for snacks is not good for the diet and is completely useless even at the metabolic level
  • Drinking high-sugar sodas is bad for the stomach and makes us feel hungry all the time
  • Consuming too many carbohydrates increases hunger and cravings for sweets

Herbalife tips

For a nutritious, healthy and low-calorie hunger breaker, Herbalife offersProtein Bars, which provide only 140 calories and contain 10 grams of proteins derived from milk and soy, useful for strengthening muscles at the expense of fat. They are definitely a delicious snack suitable for those who like to munch on something tasty rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. The product is available in three different flavors: Cocoa & amp; Peanuts, Almond & amp; Vanilla, Citrus and you can take it with you to school or to the office, to have your energy bars always available.

Notes on proteins

Proteins are molecules formed from chains of amino acids 20 types in all that the body makes from the introduced food. They are useful and indispensable to life, as they form tissues, hormones, enzymes and are also transformed into pure energy. Proteins are present not only in the muscles, as perhaps everyone knows, but also in the nails, hair, skin, blood and inside the vital

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