The Vitamins of Good Mood

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Le vitamine del gruppo B: tra cibo ed integrazione alimentare
Is it possible to change mood with the food we eat? The answer is yes, food is an essential component for the mind and for our state of mind and the main allies of a good mood are mainly carbohydrates and foods rich in B vitamins.

Vitality and good mood? With good nutrition!

A plate of spaghetti or a course of fresh seasonal vegetables or a lentil soup can help; it's not just a matter of palate, but the result of particular chemical reactions triggered by good mood foods that affect the mood by chasing away sadness, bad mood and stress. There are some foods that can regulate mood tones because they contain substances that act on neurotransmitters, meaning messengers traveling to the brain and nervous system. Among these, dopamine and serotonin play an important role in moods and if they are scarce, the ability to manage anxiety and stress and to experience positive emotions also decreases. Drinking a glass of milk before going to sleep helps you fall asleep, while eating pasta for dinner helps ease tension and puts you in a good mood. The body regulates itself and directs us towards the foods that make us feel good; this explains the sudden cravings for salty or sweet foods, but the important thing is not to exceed and learn to listen to the messages that the body sends us.

The vitamins of good mood

To ensure vitality and good mood to the brain, the first step is to do the full of vitamin B12 which is the energy vitamin, and folic acid. An ally for our well-being is fruit and vegetables and we should eat five portions of them a day: bananas, rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium and dopamine, ease tension; citrus fruits, thanks to their high content of vitamin C, strengthen the immune system. Cereals are among the foods that help keep your mood up; another anti-stress substance is the vitamin D which our body synthesizes with the help of the sun and therefore on gray days, can be remedied by eating egg yolk (red), at least once a week, fresh cheeses and fatty fish. Aromatic plants, especially basil which, in addition to flavoring food, is rich in precious substances for the brain. The foods that give a good mood are the most captivating, but eating well is already rewarding. It is found in plant and animal foods vitamin B1 or thiamine and is present in abundant quantities in whole grains, legumes, brewer's yeast, liver and kidneys; vitamin B2 or riboflavin is found in milk, vegetables, egg whites, liver and kidneys. It is present in meat, cereals, milk, barley, legumes and brewer's yeast vitamin B3 either niacin or vitamin PP; the presence of vitamin B6 it is in meat, carrots, fish, legumes, potatoes and eggs. Green leafy vegetables, soybeans, legumes, citrus fruits, kiwis, eggs, liver and kidneys contain the vitamina B9 or folic acid, while meat, milk and its derivatives, eggs and honey are rich in vitamin B12. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid for the body, contributes to good mood and is abundantly present in meat, fish, milk, cheese, yoghurt, egg whites, cocoa and chocolate, beans, whole grains, lentils, chickpeas, walnuts, hazelnuts , peanuts, bananas, mangoes and soybeans. B vitamins are a panacea for those who are always nervous.

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To make sure you get the right amount of good mood vitamins, Cell Active of Herbalife, is the ideal product. It is a food supplement composed of B vitamins, from essential minerals and vegetable ingredients; it serves to improve energy levels, to promote weight gain or loss and to deflate the intestines. The minerals contained in Cell Active I'm the manganese, the copper and it zinc and are necessary for sex and growth hormones, while among the vegetable ingredients there are the Cayenne pepper which has beneficial properties for digestion and Chlorella, which is a seaweed useful for the skin. The cause of tiredness, nervousness, low energy and digestive difficulties is probably the lack of B vitamins and therefore you could benefit from it by taking Cell Active which is also useful if you want to lose or gain weight. Also suitable for men over 40 who could improve their energy levels, boost their vitality, control their weight and find the right nutritional balance. This supplement is suitable for everyone, but especially for vegetarians who, by not eating meat, are more prone to vitamin B deficiency.

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