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The world of herbal teas, infusions and decoctions

What are the best herbal teas?

Herbalife herbal tea: Thermojetics

The world of herbal teas, infusions and decoctions

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It will have happened to you at least once in your life to hear, from friends, acquaintances or relatives, that with the help of herbal teas, infusions or decoctions they have managed to solve some recurring physical ailments or heal from seasonal ailments.

According to experts, there are in fact drinks, hot or cold, capable of resolving practically any ailment we may encounter. There are herbal teas to purify yourself, to lose weight, to combat high blood pressure or, perhaps, simply to sleep.

After all, a diet is made up of prescriptions on what to eat but also (and above all) on what to drink and, very often, we forget how important it is what we drink rather than what we eat.

In fact drink a lot of water helps the body eliminate accumulated toxins and bacteria. 

The resulting effects are manifested both on the skin and more deeply, up to the internal organs.

Water helps to regenerate cells, prevent the formation of wrinkles, strengthen the immune system, stimulate the metabolism and also has a positive effect on the psyche. 

Yet many people do not drink enough water every day to be able to feel good.

One of the reasons is linked to the fact that unfortunately we often give in to the temptations that draw our attention from the supermarket shelves. So we buy drinks such as various types of soda, i.e. the classic carbonated drinks rich in sugars that do not hydrate at all, swell and cause absolutely alarming long-term damage such as tumors and diabetes.

Even exaggerating with caffeine or energy drinks can be a bad idea, just think of the altered states that the intake of these drinks beyond the recommended dose causes, such as: insomnia, nervousness and anxiety.

How can we do then to drink healthy and introduce into our body beneficial substances able to protect us and give us energy or maybe useful to make us lose weight, eliminating fat and toxins as well as toning the muscles?

To keep health levels high we have a primary need to satisfy: to dispose of excess liquids, waste and fats that are accumulated due to incorrect nutrition, wrong habits, stress or, in certain cases, hormonal imbalances.

What is more, the worse any individual's current situation is the slower his/her recovery will be weight-form as the deposit of fat, in addition to being more abundant, will also be more widespread in various areas of the body (above and below the skin) but above all the visceral fat it will begin to influence the immune system and give rise to the possible development of pathological states of various kinds.

The best way to stimulate the metabolism, raising it and allowing it to effectively burn fat and dispose of waste, is by taking draining herbal teas, which are also excellent for dealing with problems related to water retention or premenstrual syndromes.

One of the benefits that will immediately arise will be increased energy and vitality in addition to a much better mood.


What are the best herbal teas?

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As it should be one good herbal tea? First of all, sinking its roots in the ancient herbal art and in natural health theories, herbal teas, infusions and decoctions should all be at the 100% natural and that is to be composed exclusively of plant extracts And medicinal plants combined in various ways and in different concentrations. Each element will have specific properties that will bring certain benefits but you don't need many (no more than 4 or 5) otherwise you risk creating an insufficiently incisive compound, with too bland effects.

It is also important to know how to combine the elements in order to create real ones synergies that allow you to strengthen the effects and not dampen them, which could happen if the combinations are not correct.

Although most people when talking about herbal teas think of a steaming cup similar to hot tea, there are also cold coffin infusions, very thirst-quenching and tasty, ideal for summer. In fact, herbal teas should be drunk throughout the year and it is recommended to purify the body at each change of season, or at least a couple of times a year (in spring and autumn), by taking herbal teas. This is also considered by many to be a moment of sharing and an excellent opportunity to get together, talk while enjoying a healthy drink without looking at your cell phone and without thinking about work and the problems that crowd our minds every day.

It is important to remember that herbal teas are drinks that were also created and consumed in antiquity, used for millennia in Italy as well, where they were initially produced with what could be found in the Mediterranean basin and, later, with the influence of trade with China and the Orient were enriched with extracts and spices also coming from far away.


Herbalife herbal tea: Thermojetics

Tisane Herbalife


Herbalife created Thermojetics which is a herbal infusion containing just 6 calorie.

It was born in laboratori Herbalife but it was also approved by Ministry of Health.

It is a termogenico completely natural able to burn fat and activate the energizing processes of the human body. Provides adequate protection for cells from free radicals thanks to a large amount of polyphenols contained in it.

I polyphenols are substances present in plants with a proven beneficial action on humans as in addition to cell protection at the level of free radicals, they also have a marked anticancer property, reducing the aggressiveness of carcinogens and an equally important antiatherogenic property, protecting us from diseases such as : arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, stroke and so on.

The ideal is to take Thermojetics in the morning perhaps together with the product Formula 1 and toHerbal aloe concentrate as it immediately gives a charge of energy and a sense of deflating. You can choose between various flavors: Lemon, Raspberry, Peach or Natural flavor (green tea with a hint of medicinal herbs).

In summary, the property of Thermojetics they are: energizing, antioxidants, stimulants, anti-inflammatory and all with a low-calorie intake (just 6 calories), but what does it contain inside to have these properties?

Thermojetics consists of 5 ingredients: Black tea, Green tea, Hibiscus, Malva Silvestre, Cardamom.

The Tender contributes to the health of the heart, immune system and bones (promoting their remineralization).

The Green tea it is a powerful antioxidant, slimming, draining and anticancer diuretic. It has a tonic action and reduces psychophysical stress.

l’Hibiscus it is a thirst quencher, diuretic, laxative, vitaminizing and refreshing.

The Wild Mallow it is an anti-inflammatory that regulates intestinal functions.

The Cardamom it is an excellent remedy for urinary system problems, hemorrhoids, stomach pain and dysentery.

There are no particular contraindications to the use of this herbal tea, it is simply not recommended to take it in the evening if particularly sensitive to theine and caffeine and its use is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children.

The price of Herbalife herbal tea (available in 4 flavours: Natural, Lemon, Peach and Raspberry) for the 50 gram pack is €31.28

The 100 gram pack is available only for the Natural flavor at a cost of €56.94.

These prices are also reported at Herbalife Official Price List.


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