Is protein just for building muscle?

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Le proteine servono solo per metter su muscoli?
Theproteins, a fundamental macronutrient together with carbohydrates and fats to modulate the body's hormonal responses and allow for an active and healthy body, are often unfairly put in the background. Sportspeople are well aware ofl’importance of proteins to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve a good body composition, but we cannot say the same for those who do not practice physical activity at a competitive level. Yet the proteins,fundamental for the sportsman, which must take in slightly higher quantities than the average, are the main oneplastic componentof cells and can be considered real“building blocks of life”. But how many can say they have enough

Proteins: minimum quantities and optimal ranges

The name protein comes fromda protos (primary. There is no single element of the body of a living being including plants that is not made up in part of proteins. Muscle tissue is made up of, for example, about 20. The body is subjected every day to a process of birth and regeneration of cells and, therefore, of tissues. The process we need to focus on is the so-calledtto “protein turnover”. Theredaily protein quota that a sedentary individual should guarantee his organism for a correct protein turnover, that is to supply it with all the proteins it needs in order to complete this process without breaking down the muscles and self-cannibalizing, affecting the most precious tissue for the purpose of maintaining a good metabolism or the muscle one isdi 0.9-1g / kg. A 70kg man should consume a protein quota never below 70g / day. But taking a look at what is there protein content table of the individual foods, we remind you that 100g of chicken breast is not equivalent to 100g of protein, a common miscalculation and, unfortunately, very wrong!a correct protein content?

The protein deficit: what it entails?

The proteins have a plastic function and make up the tissues, but they are also very important bioregulatory at the enzymatic, hormonal and neurotransmitter level. They are essential to have a good immune response, to make blood circulation work properly and to keep all the muscle tissues of the body, heart and organs included, in good health! There is no need to go further to explain how harmful one can be una protein deficiencyand the importance of this very important macronutrient in maintaining a good state of health.

How many for sportsmen?

Sportsmen should consume aamount of protein higher to support the mechanical stress to which the body undergoes during physical activity. Generally speaking, we can say that the healthy sportsman needs one daily protein quotaof1.5-2.5g of protein per kg of weight bodily. Reaching these quotas with nutrition alone is not always easy and, especially after training, there would be a need to take a parte quick release with a good amino acid profile so that they are picked up by the muscle as quickly as possible. We remember, in fact, that inside the human body proteins of any type are broken down intoin amino acids: the more theamino acid profilewill be balanced, the more the protein source will be considered noble and the more effective its assimilation will be..

Protein supplementation: The Herbalife solution

To facilitate you in achieving one correct daily protein quota, you can help you by integrating proteins through specific products, low-calorie, friends of the line and composed with high biological value. The ideal is thee protein powder to be taken at breakfast, as a snack during the day or even better in the immediate post-workout, as Formula 3 or oursProtein Drink Mix. These are simple denatured proteins: nothing chemical! Denaturation does nothing but deprive the food of the water contained within it, making it more usable and practical. If you don't find the idea of consuming proteins while sipping them tempting, you can always use the powders to create sweet treats or help you integrate with ready-made products, such as our deliciousose protein bars, suitable for the most demanding palates.

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