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Herbalife has been working for thirty years in the creation of products useful for weight control, but also to integrate vitamins, minerals and proteins where the normal diet fails to provide enough in the body, due to lack of time or incorrect dietary education. TheLe Proteins they are the builders of muscle and lean mass and are essential for survival. They have few calories per gram and require a greater energy consumption by the body to be digested, in essence it can be said that proteins make you lose weight by increasing muscles. And therefore a careful and sophisticated company like Herbalife could certainly not include in its rich range of products even those, very important, containing these proteins, so friendly in weight loss and in the increase of lean mass.ra.


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  • Meal replacement formula 1: an excellent smoothie, easy to prepare, ideal for breakfast but also as a substitute for one of the two main meals; with only 220 kcal per serving, this fantastic compound created by Herbalife can also accompany you in the office, on the train, wherever you want, filling you up and giving you lots of vitamins, minerals and, above all, lots of proteins that will benefit your body, stimulating the metabolism and therefore the consumption of calories. An excellent ally in your low-calorie diet
  • Protein Drink Mix: there is nothing better than quenching your thirst throughout the day with a tasty, protein-rich drink with a high satiating power and very low calorie content. In order not to affect your diet in any way, but to help you never feel hunger pangs, and to stimulate you to take in more fluids, improving the digestive and circulatory systemrio
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  • Formula 3 protein supplement: great for supplementing the right level of protein throughout the day, especially if you are an amateur or professional athlete or if you put too much strain on your body. Always carry it with you: it will help you support your muscles; it is a really powerful powder that you can take in a glass of water, a fruit juice, a soup, the choice is yours!a!
  • Protein bars: ideal as a hunger-breaker, in difficult moments of the day, when hunger knocks but calorie counting doesn't help you; These tasty protein bars not only provide a very low calorie level, but will help you get to the end of the day with an extra boost!

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