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Le preziose Proteine Herbalife
When you hear about Herbalife, your mind usually visualizes some products that act as meal replacements for the purpose of losing weight. This is right; but when it comes to nutrition and gods Herbalife products we must understand a new diet, an innovative method of eating to achieve psycho-physical well-being, and we must not instead think of a simple low-calorie diet. Protein is an integral part of this diet. The wide range of Herbalife products it can satisfy the most demanding palates and boasts raw materials of remarkable quality. Numerous studies and tests have been conducted (and are still being promoted incessantly) on the formulations, to ensure greater safety for the final consumer and to satisfy him at 360 degrees. Many of the Herbalife branded articles contain proteins: they are in fact the building blocks of our body, without which we would perish very quickly. What are proteins for? I proteins they are extremely important within a varied diet, but equally necessary for vegetarians and vegans, who cannot and do not want to draw on animal sources for their nourishment, and therefore risk being deficient in proteins. The most important functions of proteins are:
  • Stimulate the immune system to better fight harmful agents
  • Increase lean mass (muscles and tissues in primis)
What foods contain a lot of protein? We must not think of meat alone; there are dairy products, eggs, dried fruit, legumes, oilseeds, soybeans and some cereals. the proteine Herbalife contained in the formulations are all extracted from whey and soy, to ensure an excellent contribution to the body, taking them from animal and vegetable sources, but not from animal meat or fish. These proteins are more noble and provide a very high nutritional value. The painstaking care of raw materials Herbalife is a company extremely attentive to detail, so it is constantly looking for the best raw materials with which to make the formulations; the choice of these foods takes place according to very high standards, with traceability from the crops to the final product. the proteine Herbalife they are no less: their quality is of fundamental importance in order to guarantee a safe, healthy and nutritious product. Products that mainly contain the proteine Herbalife I am:
  • Protein Drink Milk: to quench your thirst and at the same time introduce Herbalife proteins
  • Formula 1: to best replace a meal with few calories but many nutrients
  • Formula 3: to supplement the diet with proteins, perfect for sportsmen
  • Protein bars: a delicious, lean and protein snack

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