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What are the causes that can lead to swollen legs and chronic pain in the lower limbs, sometimes even forcing us to bed? It is a disorder felt especially by women, especially in menopause age, even if it is not mathematically certain. The too many hours of work, at the desk typing on the keyboard, or in a shop at the complete service of customers, perpetually standing... two polar opposite cases, which however lead to the same malaise: swollen, tired and heavy legs. Sometimes you may even notice swelling, especially in the ankle area, which hides a problem with the lymphatic system causing water retention. The result is possible weight gain, weakness, a sense of indigestion, and limbs that throb and really hurt a lot. About 70% of the total weight is distributed in the upper part of our body, while the legs represent only a measly 30%, and must have the strength to support everything else. Over the years we have deformed our posture, affecting what is called the 'center of gravity', i.e. we have changed the normal distribution of weight, bringing it from correct to totally wrong, which weighs incorrectly on one ligament rather than another . Hence the joint pain, swollen legs, and no more efficient vascularization of all the leg muscles. In this article we will focus on understanding the reasons and wrong behaviors that lead a person to arrive in the evening with sore and sometimes swollen lower limbs.

Why do my legs always hurt?

Excluding specific and particular diseases (thrombosis, arterial disease, blockages of the arteries…) which you should clearly discuss with the competent doctor, there are some mild pathologies that can be treated or not which are very annoying and which lead to feeling pain when walking or while simply standing feet. One of the many reasons could be the Russian varicose, which arise above all in more or less elderly women, but which could also grip the limbs of young girls, above all for a genetic issue. In these cases, the legs are painful and swollen, with a sensation of warmth and itching in the visible veins. I muscle cramps, following a considerable effort, or those that arise during the night, are very painful but do not hide serious pathologies or that may concern poor blood circulation. The important thing is to hydrate enough and, sometimes, supplement with potassium and magnesium. There is also the restless legs syndrome, the cause of which is still unknown to science, as clinical tests generally reveal nothing. It is a real sleep disorder where the subject continues to move the lower limbs incessantly, waking up with each change of position. Often the solution is to take a short walk around the house and go back to bed. In these cases, acupuncture can relieve the symptoms. The water retention it happens especially in summer, with high temperatures, or to people who maintain a static position for a long time. The lymphatic system becomes weak, and fails to eliminate toxins sufficiently through the so-called 'return' circulation, i.e. the one that determines the ascent of blood and lymph from the feet to the heart. In these cases, even just 20 minutes of walking a day can really work wonders.

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