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The Dietary fibers they are a class of foods difficult to define, they are not useful from a nutritional point of view as they are not digestible by the enzymes of the digestive system, but their role is important in controlling the absorption of sugars and fats and in regulating daily intestinal functions..

Soluble and insoluble fibers

The fibers are classified intosoluble, more fermentable and insoluble, able to absorb water and both intervene, even if with different effects, in the digestive and intestinal processes. The former are contained in fruit, vegetables, oat flakes, pearl barley, potatoes and are highly fermentable; are useful for people with metabolic disorders and in diets for weight reduction because they induce a sense of satiety. They cause slowing of intestinal transit, a reduction in the absorption and production of cholesterol, a slowing of gastric emptying and a sense of satiety and an increase in the elimination of bile acids. TheLe Insoluble fibers they are not fermentable, they absorb considerable quantities of water and are present in whole grains, wheat bran, whole barley, wholemeal bread, beans, pears, red radicchio and carrots. The functions they perform are: increase in fecal mass, accelerated intestinal transit and reduction of the time of contact with the intestinal mucosa of potentially harmful substances and serve to regulate intestinal functions. A balanced intake of dietary fiber contributes to a prevent some diseases such as: constipation, overweight, colon diverticulosis, arteriosclerosis and gallbladder stones.

Fiber in food

Somefoods rich in fiber are: legumes, broccoli, almonds, artichokes, oats, wholemeal flour and generally all foods of vegetable origin. A disproportionate amount of fiber hinders the intake of useful microelements such as iron, calcium and magnesium and causes intestinal problems; the right dose should be 1 gram for every 100 calories of food eaten.

The Herbalife solution



The dose indicated to be consumed daily corresponds to about 25-30 grams, but if you can't, just rely on Herbalife and its food supplementMultifibre. Useful for increasing the daily intake of soluble fiber and disposing of excess fat, rich in soluble fiber to easily eliminate waste and toxins and can be used with Formula 1 Meal replacement and fromFormula 2 Vitamin Complex as part of a low-calorie diet. One novelty that Herbalife presents is Multi fiber drink, to drink in water or in addition to the Formula 1 smoothie, contains six sources of fiber, both soluble and insoluble: oats, chicory, apple, citrus, corn and soy. It helps the digestive process and is therefore of particular help for those suffering from constipation problems. A practical and delicious solution to take to increase the daily requirement of fiber and with a low calorie content.



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