The Basics of a Proper and Low Calorie Diet

Diet tips
Le Basi di un'Alimentazione Corretta e Ipocalorica
When dealing with a diet, the main rule to follow for proper nutrition is that the way we are going to feed ourselves will have to be food re-education, and not simply a reduction in total calories. This is because, in the multitude of cases, people focus only on eating light foods, without fats, without paying attention to a fundamental aspect at the basis of a healthy diet: it is not always the excess calories that make us obese or overweight, but the eating the wrong foods, also creating the wrong food associations.

Meals should not be skipped to lose weight

The most counterproductive behavior in a low-calorie diet is to skip one or more meals during the day, thinking of giving us a positive experience and lightening the digestive system. Nothing less real. When you skip a meal, the body affects the muscles and lean mass in general, to make up for the lack of food, creating stomach cramps, fatigue and low energy. The brain then continues to send hunger stimuli, and the whole body becomes alert, slowing down the metabolism and retaining any substance coming from the stomach. Put simply, skipping meals doesn't make you lose weight but it makes us very stressed, anxious and wasted..

Five meals a day are needed

A correct, healthy and balanced diet, be it normo caloric or low-calorie to reduce fat mass, is divided daily into five meals, approximately every three hours. So let's start with a beautiful oneinvigorating breakfast, then move on to a mid-morning snack, with a fruit, a vegetable juice, aprotein bar breaks hunger around 10.30; then you will arrive at lunch with a slight peckish, but certainly not with an exaggerated hunger! At 16.00 another snack, the so-called snack that will allow us to show up for dinner without the cramps due to hunger. If we concentrate while maintaining this rhythm, the body will no longer go into a state of alarm, and it will normally release all unnecessary substances, the metabolism will increase, and as a consequence our fat mass, and all the excess water that generally overweight people tend to accumulate, they will go away, reducing kilograms and waistline!ita!

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