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Not everyone knows what's behind the Herbalife name. In fact, there is a whole world and an interesting story that has something incredible. During the early 80s a certain Mark Huges took his first steps towards the production of preparations aimed at weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. This is how Herbalife was born, practically in a small garage transformed into a rudimentary laboratory. It must be said that, although spartan, that small room signed the fortune for Huges and for all future Herbalife collaborators in the world. Mark aimed to commercialize a method to reduce weight and body fat, in a gradual and healthy way for the body, and avoiding all substances of dubious origin and not to mention poisonous contained in other preparations that were famous and widely used at the time. The effectiveness of Huges' products marked a gradual but not so slow increase in demand, so much so that the company had to expand, and at the same time improving the quality of the formulations, thus providing the end customer with real portents in the form of meal replacements. The Herbalife method spread very quickly not only in the United States but also in Europe, Canada and New Zealand.landa.

Where are the Herbalife offices located

The head office is located in Los Angeles, United States. But Herbalife is present with various offices all over the world in more than 90 countries !, in Asia, Africa but above all in Europe in practically every state.o).

Herbalife laboratories

To make the best of the quality of the preparations, Herbalife products undergo numerous studies, treatments and tests in the laboratories, by a team of scientists and doctors who guarantee the effectiveness of the marketed product on a daily basis. Herbalife's goal is to safeguard and improve the health of its customers, the true architects of business success. In 2003 a very important laboratory was born at the service of science and Herbalife, at the University of California, Los Angeles. It is an innovative establishment in which prestigious universities from all over the world collaborate.o.

Where the products are made

Production takes place at two separate locations, one in California and one in China. However, there are numerous branch offices that contribute efficiently to guaranteeing a constant renewal of stocks: these plants are scattered practically all over the world, from Europe to Asia etc. The raw materials that make up the preparations are carefully selected and analyzed..

Distributors and company turnover

After the first substantial results at the end of the 80s, the company managed to exponentially increase its turnover, passing to disproportionate figures and never imagined before. Just think that only a few years after its establishment, Herbalife was listed on the stock exchange. During the early 1990s, the turnover was around $ 21 million. Mind-boggling numbers. At that point the company reality required further expansion and the first distribution networks began to be created. Independent collaborators managed to promote the Herbalife method virtually all over the planet. And this is because for the first time there was talk of state-of-the-art compounds approved by the various ministries. And after the distribution of distributors, the turnover rose to 5 billion dollars annually.nui.

Herbalife philosophy

The company focus, for almost forty years now, has been customer satisfaction at 360. In fact, all products are returnable thanks to the satisfied or reimbursed formula, very important on the market, to protect the final consumer as much as possible. Herbalife aims to retain every new customer, and only by providing a varied range of healthy, effective and safe items can it achieve its goals. And it has been doing this for many decades now.mai.

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