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Looking for an activity to have an’collateral entry?

Do you want to undertake aindependent career, part time or full time?

… or you are simply looking for the possibility ofbuy your products favorites with godsbenefits?


Would you like to know more?

Without initial investments you can have the International License valid for 90 countries around the world for:

  • to be able buy all the products you want for you and your family with significant advantages receiving qualified assistancea
  • have a secure entrya and proportional only to the time you can dedicate to the activity, that isè without tax obligations, completely acquitted by the companya
  • undertake with our help and under our guidance a independent career path full of satisfactions

Becoming an independent distributor or consumer with a card is simple. Furthermore, you are not required to:o:

  • no initial investment
  • no restrictions on the minimum purchase or sale of products
  • no tax obligation

For any other information,contact us freely to thetoll-free number 800.52.97.10 active every day. We will provide you with all the necessary assistance and, if you live in Milan or the province, you can come directly to our office for find out all career opportunities and benefits as a buyer that Herbalife offers you!

Starting the distributor business is easier than you think. Herbalife is not a door-to-door sales system, it is not an illegal pyramid scheme or chain. It is a company that in 2013 had a turnover of over 6 billion dollars and that allows you to build a business in which you are your own entrepreneur, building an income that will last

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