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Do you want to earn extra income to supplement the salary that leaves you with difficulty at the end of the month Or are you looking for a proven method to leave your unsatisfactory job and take flight to new horizons With a few hours a day of commitment, but by strongly believing in the company you represent in your customer relationships, you could become a un Herbalife distributor and earn from the first days, being able to buy our products at discounted prices! There are no initial capital to invest in your project, there are no exorbitant expenses, there are no tax obligations up to 7,500 euros in earnings or endless and unnerving bureaucratic formalities with Herbalife you will enter a magical world in which you will be choosing your schedules and the days when you want to dedicate time to the company. But do you think that in these moments of crisis it is not really the case to sell wellness products. You're wrong, dear friend! In fact, you must know that the market in which Herbalife operates is one of the few ini in continuous growth, year after year, even in these moments of deflation and instability.

The reasons that push so many people to join the company:

  • You will get almost immediate gains
  • You will be the one to choose where and when to serve
  • Your business will be independent with no employers or area managers to report to
  • You will start your new business without too much bureaucracy
  • You will have no opening costs for your position
  • You can purchase Herbalife products at reduced prices
  • You will bring among the people a way to stay healthy by relying on a company that has been working towards the continuous improvement of formulations for 40 yearsi
  • All Herbalife products are approved by the Ministry of Health, so they are safe and controlled

Times and costs

To become a member of the great Herbalife family you only need a few simple steps: you will have to register using the specific form and using a code from your sponsor. At that point you will only have to buy the Welcome Kit that will allow you to be a full-fledged Herbalife distributor. The company offers you a great career opportunity, thanks to the low initial costs just over 50 euros, the absence of bureaucracy and the management independence that will allow you to work full-time or part-time, or even just on weekends. Herbalife boasts a proven system for many years, namely the Multi Level Marketing Network Marketing, which allows you to earn both from the direct sale of products that pass from your hands to the customer, and from the indirect one, that is performed by your subordinates. The subordinates are none other than Herbalife distributors who have used your sponsor code and, indirectly, also from their downline. This interesting business scheme is still analyzed and studied even at Bocconi for its effectiveness on a global scale. And certainly the company type of the future!le del futuro!

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