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Today's life forces us to frenetic pace and we often make disproportionate use of coffee and carbonated drinks that give us the necessary energy, but create other problems for us. So let's try to replace these substances with an excellent Herbalife herbal tea, a herbal infusion produced by Herbalife specifically to improve our physiological performance. L''Herbalife herbal infusion, or Herbalife thermojetics herbal tea is a blend ofgreen tea decaffeinated with water, black tea, hibiscus, mallow, cardamom; it is a refreshing low-calorie drink. The combination of these herbs that have multiple properties which we will discuss later, makes this tea an excellent supplement for weight control.

The properties of the Herbalife herbal tea



ThereHerbalife herbal tea has 4 main properties:

  • Draining, stimulates diuresis
  • Fat burning, thanks to its thermogenetic action that allows you to convert fats into energy for the body
  • It naturally stimulates theMetabolism
  • IS'Energizing thanks to the modest caffeine content

The 5 main herbs of the Herbalife herbal tea infusion

  • TheThe Black contributes to a reduction of coronary heart problems and risks; it would be able to promote the mineral density of the bones, helps to slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease and raises the immune system.
  • TheGreen tea it is an antioxidant, tonic, slimming, draining, diuretic and antitumor, it has a tonic and stimulating action and reduces psychophysical stress..
  • LIfe it is a thirst quencher, diuretic, laxative, vitaminizing and refreshing.
  • Mallow it has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties for all the soft tissues of the body, it serves to hydrate and inflame the intestine by regulating its functions..
  • Cardamomit is an excellent remedy for problems with the urinary system, for hemorrhoids, stomach pain and dysentery.
These five herbs with their infinite beneficial properties, we find them in one solution: the Herbalife herbal tea available in the original version, flavored with raspberry, peach and lemon and can be enjoyed alone or during meals.

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