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The Thermogenesis it is a metabolic process through which the body produces heat; it consists of two parts, mandatory and optional (adaptive thermogenesis). Compulsory thermogenesis is involved in the production of heat to keep the body temperature constant around 37° and in the digestive and food absorption processes (diet-induced thermogenesis). Optional or regulatory thermogenesis is a process that is induced by external stimuli, especially cold and food intake. If this type of thermogenesis has to be increased, particular types of muscle contraction take over in the muscles of the whole body which are manifested by shivering and muscle tremor. This type of thermogenesis is under the control of the sympathetic nervous system which, through two hormonal mechanisms, increases the production of heat and allows the body to burn fat and calories. In some parts of the body the white adipose tissue is capable of transforming into brown adipose tissue thus increasing the ability to produce heat; this process is essential to keep the body weight constant. People with a normal weight have a greater thermogenic efficiency, while overweight people, having a greater quantity of white adipose tissue, use this fat as a thermal insulator and are advised to divide their caloric ration into many small meals. The basic metabolism represents the amount of energy necessary for neuro-vegetative functioning to keep an individual alive. The factors that influence the changes in the basic metabolism are muscle mass, lifestyle, nutritional style, muscle activity, age, sex, race and the specific dynamic action of foods. The energy consumed during physical activity varies from the lifestyle and work habits of the individual, although, the energy consumption during physical activity depends on the body mass of the subject.

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