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La scienza di Herbalife
An excellent product is born from the first moment under strict scientific control, starting from the raw material up to the finished preparation, ready for the consumer. Herbalife is the direct architect of its great success, above all thanks to the countless researches it has financed over time, at the most prestigious universities on the planet. And it is precisely for this reason that loyal customers, but also potential ones, can blindly trust the quality of each item marketed by this large company. All compounds are a valuable result of many researches, analyzes and tests. Such innovative and avant-garde laboratories work tirelessly to select and check all the ingredients of each preparation, in order to guarantee the final consumer a product that is based on the fundamental principles of healthy nutrition and a perfect balance between nutrients. The labels affixed to each item are 100% reliable with respect to the ingredients actually contained in the compound, and the Herbalife team of experts ensures this day after day.

Certifications and controls of Herbalife products

Where required, and certainly here in Italy, all Herbalife products on the market have been previously approved by the Ministry of Health and comply with all applicable state regulations. The quality controls aimed at the continuous improvement of Herbalife products are the flagship of the company, which has been excelling on the reference market for years. Herbalife's constant commitment to excellence is proven by the team of doctors, nutritionists and scientists who have collaborated for years forming a Nobel Prize-winning team, known as the Nutrition Advisory Committee. Its task is to have direct control over the product and to devise new effective formulations. Let's not forget that a few years ago, precisely in 2003, Herbalife managed to set up a very special laboratory, aimed at Cellular and Molecular Nutrition. The research laboratory is located in Los Angeles, USA, at the University of California.

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