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La Salute del Cuore con l’Ossido Nitrico
Thenitrogen monoxide, chemical name NO, or also commonly callednitric oxide, is an endogenous mediator and occurs in the form of a polluting gas similar to air and colorless. It is part of very important processes, such as the transmission of impulses at the nervous level. Our body uses largininaa, an essential amino acid that must be ingested with food, and hormones such as noradrenaline and cytokines, to synthesize the compound through enzymes of the typeo NOS. Theshear stress measures the power exerted by the blood flow inside the vessels and when the pressure rises exaggeratedly, the body's defense consists in the synthesis of nitrogen monoxide, which acts as a vasodilator, gradually decreasing blood pressure. Conversely, its inhibition will narrow the walls of veins and arteries, raising the pressure. Nitric oxide possessese one half-lifea (amount of time that the body uses to dispose of 50% of a very short substance, about four seconds and thanks to this speed of catabolism it binds to hemoglobin, forming thee i nitrites and initrates (NO2 and NO3 chemical formulas. The latter are mainly disposed of via the kidneys.

Main functions of nitric oxideo

According to several in-depth studies, it has been established that nitric oxide acts for:
  • Intervene in aid of the immune defenses against the aggressions of antigens. Its oxidizing ability to release free radicals allows it to kill microbes
  • Regulate the responses of nerves and muscles, as it is a powerful neurotransmitter to the bronchi and intestineso
  • Decrease the aggressive action of platelets and, consequently, the density of the plasmaa
  • Relax unwanted muscles
  • Promote the synthesis of mitochondria, often deficient in obese subjects, as hindered by TNT-ALFA; the fats ingested, therefore, are deposited more easily, causing further increase in body weight and fat massa
  • It stimulates the passage of oxygen-rich blood in the arteries to the heart

How to stay fit with Herbalife tips

To support and improve your general health and, in particular, your cardiovascular system, Herbalife advises you to change your lifestyle, favoring healthy and seasonal foods, lots of fruit and vegetables, little meat and animal fats. Smoking and stress are also enemies of your heart, as well as a sedentary life spent in front of the computer without worrying about your body and doing some physical activity. In addition to a radical change in your daily routine, to avoid unpleasant epilogues due to a heart that is no longer functioning properly, Herbalife conducted a study in association with the University of Californiaaand with the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Dr. Ignarro, regarding the use of nitric oxide, ultimately producing a one-of-a-kind supplement to protect the entire cardiovascular system,o, Niteworks.

What and how Niteworks workss

It is a supplement that manages to compensate for the decrease by the body in the production of nitric oxide. It has been shown that this substance is produced in sufficient quantities during the day, while at night and in elderly people its production is blocked, in whole or in part. To help the body, therefore, it is necessary to further stimulate the creation of this substance, and to do so Herbalife has precisely createdto Niteworks, to be taken in the evening before going to bed, and sleep will be restorative and peaceful, thanks to the presence of the officinal lemon balm inside. To take the supplement, simply dissolve a measuring spoon of product in water or fruit juice, the taste is similar to lemonade. Give your heart a sigh of relief with the action ofe di Niteworks, taken every evening for a peaceful and regenerating rest.

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