The birth of Herbalife products

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La nascita dei prodotti Herbalife
Want to read a good story? But it is a true story, not part of the tales of Andersen or the Brothers Grimm. It is a story that begins inside a small garage, where a young student wanted to create something special for people from all over the world to use. Oh yes, that's exactly how the first ones were born Herbalife products, from the fervent mind of Mark Hughes, and from the trunk of his small car where he packed the first formulations to be distributed among the people. The first lucky ones to have the effective ones in their hands Herbalife products were the Americans, Mark's friends, relatives and acquaintances, but soon, thanks to the word of mouth technique and the unimaginable satisfaction that the formulations brought to those who used them, the word spread, not only among the neighboring towns, but in the whole country.

Continuous improvement of Herbalife products

Given the climate of curiosity and the rapid diffusion of his formulations, Mark Hughes, a young entrepreneur with a brilliant and visionary mind, undertook to give life to a cycle of improvements in terms of quality of Herbalife products, to offer people increasingly effective, natural and safe blends. All in all an easy way to always stay healthy and vital. So today, the formulations are born from a team of scientists and Nobel prize winners, nutritionists and analysts, who work tirelessly to offer the best of the best on the market. The innovative laboratories financed by this large thirty-year-old company are present in many countries, but the main activities are coordinated at the University of California in Los Angeles, specifically within the Human Nutrition department, and at the University of ULM. I Herbalife products undergo painstaking quality and effectiveness checks before being put on the market, and are among the few who can count on a cross check incredible that starts from the seed, passes through the crops, the harvest, the creation, the packaging and, finally, the distribution to the end user. The entire production chain is constantly monitored, and there are few companies on the market that can boast such a complete and complex cycle.

Herbalife products around the world

The formulations born in the laboratories are also analyzed and controlled by the bodies in charge in each country where they are distributed. Even here in Italy, before being able to buy the Herbalife products from a distributor or from online sites, we are sure that our Ministry of Health has verified and approved them. What if you don't like them? You can always request a full refund within 30 days of purchase!

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