My personal experience as an independent Herbalife distributor

Diet advice
Rita Levi Montalcini said, who wrote a book to demonstrate how the inevitable physical wear and tear does not lead to a deterioration of the mental faculties: just remember to keep your brain in exercise".

My working life before meeting Herbalife

My childhood

I was born in Asolo in 1944, in the province of Treviso. My parents lived in Milan but, due to the war, my mother returned to her mother's house in her hometown and I was born there. After a few months we returned to Milan, also because my father couldn't leave his job and my mother wanted us all to be together. He worked at the Municipality of Milan, in charge of posting advertising posters, a hard job despite appearances. In particular, I still remember when he had to put up posters advertising the horse races at the San Siro; these were posted very early in the morning and my father got up at pre-lucan hours, summer and winter. This was perhaps the hardest job also because he went and returned by bicycle. For the work he used an open van, always with pedals, where posters, brushes, buckets of glue and ladders were loaded, which were used to reach sometimes considerable heights. He worked from 5 in the morning to 2 in the morning, leaving very early to reach the areas in which to take up work. He was a hard worker, with an immense sense of duty, which I think I fully inherited from him. He never let us miss anything. At the time we lived in Porta Nuova, near the public gardens: a typically popular neighbourhood; ours was in fact a working-class post-war family.

The first post-war job

Thanks to the interest of my father, who convinced me to participate in a competition, which I won, in 1962 I entered the Municipality of Milan to work. In those days a job in the Municipality was the aspiration of many; an incredibly sought-after job: guaranteed pay, permanent position, salary security at the end of the month. In short, a certain tranquility. It must be said that this is still true today, perhaps more than then. , also thanks to the fact that in the meantime I had resumed my studies and I had graduated by attending night school with many sacrifices. The mentality, as you can well imagine, was typical of the employee: dependent work that guaranteed food, rent and the normal things in life. No great adventures, but many certainties.

Reading and job change

Certainly a quiet life is matched, at least in my case, by a restless soul. I've always had a great passion: reading, definitely passed on to me by my father. Since I was six years old and he bought me the Corriere dei Piccoli every Sunday and then every week he brought me books from the City's circulating library; we didn't have enough money to buy books... An irrepressible passion that still continues today: as far as I can remember, the time stolen from work was always dedicated to reading. One novel a week, at least, and in periods of restlessness that we all go through, even two or three: time stolen from sleep in this case! And if the novels became three or four, the mornings were very heavy to deal with. How many coffees and dark circles to satisfy my thirst for stories and characters! Soon family and domestic care were added to work, because raising children is a real occupation; In any case, I've always tried to meet the deadline for one novel a week, even if only out of stubborn duty to my wishes. In that period I began to take an interest in political and trade union life, becoming a member of the Council of the headquarters of the building in via Larga and, subsequently, just to make sure I didn't miss anything, I dealt with feminism. All this without neglecting work and family. In any case, my whole life has always been divided like this: family, work, books. To be honest, I owe my father not only the type of job that spurred me to seek, with the consequent economic independence, but also the passion for reading. I've always been very attached to his figure and I'm grateful to him for the right things I've done because I know I owe them to him, to his intellectual honesty, his moral straightness, his great intelligence and tolerance. After about twenty years of working together, I asked to be transferred to the Court of Milan, civil secretariat of the Public Prosecutor's Office, where I was always in charge of the Civil Status. It was the period of "Clean Hands" and therefore I was able to experience, even if not firsthand, a memorable period.


After so many more years of work, the longed-for retirement! After having worked for 15 years onwards, finally some rest. I spent six years completely dedicated to myself and to some family problems (searching for a new home, taking care of the child) without any regrets, however, for the daily routine. Especially the morning routine… waking up calmly, never late for heaven's sake, the morning has always been my favorite moment, but doing every gesture calmly and relaxed, with no one chasing after you… A few trips, staying behind a little longer to family, hanging out with friends, many jobs in the new house where I had moved in the meantime, et voilà, six years passed with great serenity.

Work with the Italian League for the Fight against Tumors

At a certain point, however, relaxation became a bit tedious, I began to feel a little annoyed at having absolutely nothing to do, a slight sense of restlessness which, without becoming a malaise, was always present and prevented me from fully enjoying the day. When a friend then asked me to join the Italian League for the Fight against Tumors of Milan, I took the ball and did not miss the opportunity. It was not about volunteering, but about a real job. Compared to the tasks I had held in my working life, it was, in a certain sense, also a leap in quality, as it required greater initiative than what had always been required of me: I had to find companies that provided, by way of charity, household items, objects, toys, books and anything that could then be converted into money through the charity lotteries and at the various events that the League organised. All the proceeds were then destined to finance the prevention, early diagnosis and assistance activities which were the founding principle of the League itself. An incredible experience. The people involved, employees and volunteers, in the numerous projects that the League carries out are moved by great energy and dedication. I worked at Lega from 2001 to 2015, until I was 71! Together with the type of work, completely different from the past, the schedule and daily commitment had also changed. No longer half a day until 14.00 but every day until the afternoon. However, this also meant a big difference on an economic level: I received the pension from the Municipality added to the salary paid by the League. In those days it had become a real necessity for me, because that double income helped me a lot to help my son in that period, who at that time was getting into one financial trouble after another, and always needed money, and to deal with the mortgage that I had taken on for the payment of the house that in the meantime I had bought and that was my lifelong dream.... Ah the children, how much they make us suffer until they settle down. If they settle... Not having money is horrible, having debts is even worse, so no matter how hard I struggled (I was no longer twenty years old) I always thanked fate that allowed me to meet various economic commitments.

The meeting with Herbalife

An old friend tells me about her activity within Herbalife

Just shortly after I left the Cancer League, I ran into a friend who I had lost sight of in recent years, with all my time spent managing the house and work.. A tough guy, an incredibly active woman and charismatic who had worked all her life in a bank, making a brilliant career. While we were having an aperitif sitting at the bar, it turns out that he had embarked on an extremely active path within Herbalife: he tells me of international trips and conferences, very popular courses to learn about the products, organized throughout Italy and Europe . After so many stories she comes to the point, and invites me to become a Herbalife reseller, sponsored by her. He explains a little how the business works: after an initial purchase of Herbalife products, you have the opportunity to become independent resellers. In practice, Herbalife retailers are primarily their own most loyal customers, who once tested the product in person and having verified its properties, agree to do some marketing to spread awareness of the product and also perform the function of resellers. I could have become a reseller under her simply by purchasing what is called a membership card Member Pack: with this card my friend gets the advantage of receiving a minimum percentage of my purchases and sales (as a reward from the Herbalife company for introducing a new customer/seller into their big family), in exchange I have the right to a 25% discount on the products purchased and I acquire the right to resell the products themselves. By reselling the products I obviously perceive a profit.

The first first-hand experiences in the Herbalife world

At first I didn't accept. I was initially very reticent, for various reasons. After all, with fifty years of work behind me and now retired, it didn't seem appropriate to start a business of this type: never in my life would I have thought of dedicating myself to commerce! Not to mention that I've never had the mentality of being on my own: I've always been diligent, loyal to the rules, with a precise task to pursue in all the tasks I was supposed to complete; putting myself in the first place to make a product known in order to sell it seemed excessive to me. It must be said that I had indeed gained some experience with people, first at the municipal offices, then with the marketing managers of the companies for the League. For one reason or another, however, I refused. In short, for the first few months I repeatedly said no, despite her insistence. On the other hand, I also realized that my friend was my age, and received a certain economic return both for direct sales and for royalties deriving from those who made direct sales under her in the same way. So I began to follow her to attend courses and conferences organized by the company to provide information on products, diets and the latest discoveries in the food field.

My Personal Experience With The Herbalife Diet: It's Getting Better!

Attending the courses was followed by the intention to try the dieta Herbalife. With many initial difficulties, I tried to follow the diet recommended for people of a certain age: how many times had I tried to stick to a diet without success! This time too, rather than following the diet, I practically ate for two, taking the products recommended by Herbalife as a snack or even as a surplus to normal meals. Slowly I was able to adjust to the regimen recommended by Herbalife. And of course I was better! Equally useful, however simple, were some practical tips on how to take food and liquids: something as basic as drinking water in the morning (my breakfast consisted exclusively of a sugary coffee until lunchtime) changes life! But even some more specific prescriptions such as taking supplements intended specifically for the elderly had a consistent effect on cholesterol levels and, not to be underestimated, on concentration problems, which at a certain point had started to worry me. Despite retirement and advanced age, I felt more energetic; and even a little of that uneasiness that starts to make itself felt with loneliness was gone. Being better physically, my mental condition also improved markedly. The Herbalife diet leads to taking more protein and less carbohydrates, and, with what you learn to call control of the glycemic curve, I avoided binges before lunch which would have weighed me down, resulting in me being more active and mobile in actual movements: even just an extra twenty-minute walk that replaces one too many sugary tea has a great result on the total quality of the day. And avoiding an unnecessary ache greatly improves the quality of life. Thus, between one trick and another, the diet was associated with a better physical condition, more energy, more serenity: overall, there was a better mood, and I was actually happier. I'm happier..

How I Became a Successful Independent Herbalife Distributor

The purchase of the Member Card

So, finally, after much hesitation, since I had started buying Herbalife products regularly, I bought the tessera Member Pack, to have one 25% discount on all products. From one day to the next I became therefore membro Herbalife, with all the positive consequences of the case, such as for example the very convenient guaranteed delivery within 24 hours, effective savings on spending, and the additional guarantee of receiving the products directly from the company and no longer through my friend (due to the presence of strict internal rules that limit the quantity of products that can be purchased by an individual and resold directly: a few rigid rules are always reassuring!)

The first sales in the gym: from the fear of disturbing the success of the product

Since at that point I had let my friend infect me, from the Herbalife world, with all the courses, the gym and in general the social life that distinguished this world, I decided to start selling some products directly too, just for fun, much to make them known: after all, they were the products that I bought myself, and speaking about them to others, all evidently hesitant like me at the beginning, I simply tried to convince them to try them themselves. What scared me the most about selling was actually putting myself there to offer people a product and convince them to buy it. Of course I didn't want to lose out, so at the beginning to those who asked me to try something, I simply handed over what they asked of me. Throughout my working life people had turned to me to ask me to do something: in this way the same situation recurred: they were the same people who spontaneously turned to me, I didn't have to go looking for others. Of course I used to talk about the products a little more than normal people do, but the Herbalife world had become an integral part of my social life by now, so it was like talking about friends and work. As you will easily understand, in any case, I preferred not to disturb anyone, and convincing someone to buy would have seemed like an excessive effort. In any case, in the meantime, I was feeling better and better, my physical well-being was growing, I had met new ladies agée like me, and we organized ourselves to go to the gym together. Well yes, gentlemen, gyms for seventy-year-olds are essential: no unnecessary weights and efforts that are bad for young people too, but gentle gymnastics and a little aerobic effort to keep joints and circulatory system in good shape are necessary. But I did feel a little younger, because I took the supplements and energy bars that I had started using on the advice of the Herbalife diet to the gym, and I always felt reinvigorated at the end of the exercises, without ever being tired.

I feel better and fitter, and others ask me how I feel so good. The product sells itself

Between a sit-up and some head and neck exercises, I happily ate mine protein bars or mine snack, and eating them with so much taste and sharing them with friends, I aroused the curiosity of those who saw such a close-knit group of elderly ladies: so I happened to meet new people, explain who I was, what I was eating, that it was a Herbalife product; in short, a bit like I'm writing it to you now. Obviously I also did some healthy propaganda to encourage them to try the products, and after a while I became more confident in directly proposing to buy a little something through me. The fact is that I realized very quickly that the product was selling itself. Many people knew it or had at least heard of it, in fact it has existed in Italy since the 1980s and Herbalife products had an extremely important penetration thanks to their effectiveness. That's how it happened to me, someone discovered that I was selling those products, approached me, confessed that they had already used them in the past and that now, after so many years, faced with my appearance and my conviction, they wanted to try them again. For me a great satisfaction. To this was added another great surprise for those who already knew Herbalife products: from 5 that were when they arrived in Italy, there are more than 90 on the market today!

Product requests are increasing! And in the meantime I'm slimming down...

At one point the requests for the products began to increase and, papers in hand, doing a couple of calculations, I realized that I could pay for the products with the proceeds of those I sold to others. Since I had started going to the gym shortly after starting to follow the diet, the other women (even much younger than me!) they gradually noticed that my body was changing. Before, I was quite a bit overweight: on the other hand between work, family and everything else, it's not like as a young man I ever had the time or the thought to take care of myself. Now, however, I realized that I was acquiring a dignified figure, which was certainly the least of my thoughts: I already felt in great shape, both physically and mentally. Of course, being admired for the recovered tonicity of my body at my age surprised me in a sensational way! Then when some 40 year olds approached almost jealous 50 year olds, I practically ate them like new customers! Between one thing and another, my friend and I who had introduced me to this world, began to get our friends to take the card too. Nothing really, it was all quite natural.

The trips are coming

Growing up in sales, I acquired the right to participate in international conferences. The courses were very nice, organized down to the smallest detail, doctors from all over the world explaining their theories, a nice, varied and quality company. Some trips are paid for by the company, always 4-star hotels, as a counterpart to the support provided by the vendors to the company. The environment is extremely stimulating, at first it can be a bit anxious for a novice like me, because they are all beautiful and well dressed, there are many foreigners and above all few people of my age and Italian at that level; however, at the beginning I was always accompanied by my friend, who got along very well with English, and in any case everyone was incredibly helpful, they tried to recreate a family environment, to build an idea of community.

What Herbalife really is to me

One thing led to another and, based on my son's idea, we decided to build a site to keep up with today's world. Well yes: Herbalife can also be sold through social networks and websites. I don't want to do the business just for the web - I wouldn't be able either! -, because Herbalife is based on one principle: to help people follow a diet. I started gradually, knowing everything step by step, I got informed, I got to know the tools and processes of a correct diet, I started carrying out regular physical activity: Herbalife for me even before nutrition is a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Then, it goes without saying, products are sold that are balanced, studied and re-studied to guarantee maximum performance and the absence of side effects. And I sell these products now too. So for me it is important to give you some information.

Some information on Herbalife products

All products are of natural origin. And only soy proteins are used, and for the intolerant a very expensive extraction method allows the proteins to be obtained from peas. The products are safe, authorized by over 90 ministries of health around the world. On the label it is marked down to the last ingredient, even if there is only one molecule that is reported on the label, going far beyond the national regulations that oblige the reporting of an ingredient only over a certain quantity. When you offer something to someone and you are convinced of its quality, you are more comfortable selling the product yourself. This guarantees trust in the relationship between the company, the retailer and the customer. As soon as the retailer is himself a customer and is convinced of what he is doing, every link in the chain is well connected and the system works. Herbalife is known for its seriousness, being the largest manufacturer of supplements and meal replacements worldwide.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nobel laureate Louis Ignarro are Herbalife Sponsors

The collaboration of many sportsmen, including Cristiano Ronaldo, has led in recent years to a new advertising and a new relaunch of the brand. But not only football teams and athletes from all over the world faithfully support the brand: even a Nobel prize winner, louis ignarro, not only has he become a promoter of the product, but he has also developed a product himself, which develops nitric oxide during the night and protects against the risk of heart attack. The supplements included in the Herbalife offer are suitable for every need. In practice, up to condensed boxes of fruit and vegetables, taken directly from food: these are not products synthesized in the laboratory. In today's fruit, the nutrients are 1/8 of what they were a few years ago, for this reason it is better to integrate proteins, salts, fats (the good ones) For those who need quick meals, a protein shake with all the nutrients, a meal that costs less and is infinitely healthier than a meal made around at random, which can be made with either milk or water, or dry bars even more practical for those who have to eat outside the home. The higher concentration of proteins compared to carbohydrates in these foods allows you to keep sugar intake under control, while ensuring the supply of all the nutrients necessary for our body and promoting the feeling of satiety, which prevents us from overeating. randomly during the day, completely unbalancing our body.

My strong business inside Herbalife

Thanks to the Herbalife world, the web and social networks, I was able to build a solid business. My main activities remain the sale in the gym and the organization of small taster parties in my apartment where friends come to share my lifestyle, bringing in turn new people who I hope to bring closer to what has become a my world too. You would be surprised to know how many people come back to start a period of diet, and how much they want to carry out measurements of lean mass, fat, waist size, etc. to verify that the product works exactly. A scale and a meter have become my new work tools... it's incredible to see people's faces after a few weeks, how they change from the typical skeptical expression to the childish satisfaction of having had just the toy they wanted. At the dawn of my 73 years I enjoy myself, I am very healthy, I have an all-round activity that makes me happy. I am serene financially, I feel in control of myself and I have also involved some friends and family in the management of the business. In addition to the old ladies like me, many young men and women have joined the gym, who get supplies from me for what are specific products for sportsmen. Athletes see the results in the gyms, specific products for force and for the resistence. And what muscles I see putting on: ah! I was their age! Well, no, maybe I wouldn't spend that much time in the gym, but I sure would have liked to frequent such an energetic environment more often back in the day. Yes, I know, it was another era and there was nothing like it, but when you are in contact with youth you feel younger too. In short, with all those, and they are mostly friends, who buy their products autonomously and whom I have convinced to subscribe to a membership card, I share my results at least once if not twice a month, in order to set an example (I , an example?!? well yes!), and to check everything we have managed to achieve, always starting from the improvement of our psycho-physical state. As time goes by, I am ever more grateful to my friend, who has allowed me to go from employee to entrepreneur by introducing me to this world, and with whom I have developed a very close relationship over the past two years.

The economic satisfactions achievable thanks to Herbalife

The satisfactions (even economic ones, why not mention it) are not lacking and they keep me very much alive, despite my age. This is another node of crucial importance for Herbalife, which in addition to aiming to help others lead a healthy lifestyle, also aims to socially improve the condition of those who meet on the road: from a small gain that can be a integration into one's work activity, within two years one can switch to making what one was doing as a joke one's main activity. Some very young boys reach impressive figures within 18 months, much more than mine and my friend's combined. I really don't know how they do it! I no longer have the energy I once had, but if I were younger I would take on this challenge with them. Obviously nothing comes from nothing. Setting up a resale business requires effort to find customers and promote yourself; on the other hand, you have the advantage of having a very solid company behind you that guarantees many benefits. You can make use of affiliated accountants while saving a lot, moreover for a system of taxes paid at source, the sums received for the sales activity are not cumulative with other earnings: in a word, you don't pay more taxes if you earn with Herbalife! Even at the end of the year in the "single" model, all the earnings received are not included. It is an innovative system in Italy that allows you to save on taxes, and to use people who are not Herbalife employees for work in a totally free way. A shared work system without having to bear the weight of Finance! I feel like a real successful manager talking like this!

The success of the Herbalife Stock Exchange listings

Since I feel so much a Manager, I am posting a graph showing how much the company's shares have increased over time, demonstrating their international success. In December 17, 2004, when the company went public, the shares were worth $7.40: today, after 13 years, the shares are worth almost 10 times that! 72,97 $! It even emerged head-on from the very serious crisis that hit the whole world in 2011, and the effects of which we still feel today, at least we, certainly not Herbalife! quotazioni di borsa herbalife


And all the success derives from the faith in the project maintained constant by the founder Mark Hughes, who throughout the 80s continued to tell his deputy, always a little more skeptical about the future possibilities of the company, "Borrow My Eyes", “borrow my eyes”, “share my vision with me”. Fortunately Mark Hughes he was right, and to this day that vision is a reality.

Two more words to reassure those who want to try, like me, to start a business as an independent distributor member

It is not a question of opening a shop, with all the bureaucratic and economic inconveniences that derive from it: to open the shop you need a licence, counter, furnishings, rent ... There are average starting costs of 50,000 euros which do not even involve any losses of the first year. With Herbalife the investment is 58.22 euros, with which it is possible to purchase the member card Member Pack. What does this package include? It is soon said: - Una card which allows you to sell Herbalife products all over the world, and above all to buy them with the 25% discount - the product Formula 1 smoothie vanilla: the first product marketed by the company which in itself has a commercial value of 46.01 euros - one shaker - dvd e guide on the products, on the company, on recipes and information on the diet, - a carrying case extremely comfortable Furthermore, it must be remembered that all Herbalife products entitle you to 30 day money back guarantee. You can return the empty product and you will be refunded the entire amount paid! With this simple card you can start an activity that for a few hours of work can make you 500 euros a month or even more! The hours to be dedicated to us are completely free and at your absolute discretion: you can work there only when a customer contacts you, only on weekends, only late in the evening or early in the morning, in short, whenever you want! Also, at some point, the income is unrelated to the time you dedicate to it, because if you can affiliate other Herbalife sellers, in the same way you did, you earn royalties on the sales of others! You could be on vacation on an island and meanwhile the team is geometrically amplified without you realizing it. The team expands geometrically regardless of your commitment. Helping others is Herbalife's mission: both to spread a healthy lifestyle around the world and to instill the seed of one's business in others. Sharing is another essential factor: sharing the results relating to one's weight loss, the improvement of physical and mental conditions. Sharing of the activities carried out, of the information acquired in the refresher courses, and, why not?, also of the strategies used for one's economic success. Economic success is far from a mirage, and when you start earning enough, you will be rewarded for your effort with invitations from the company to end-of-year parties, holidays in resorts in Greece, cruises, international conferences . The Herbalife world, a bit like everything in life, works like this: the more you do, the better off you are. The company, for its part, rewards success and is extremely rigorous in the punctuality of payments. Obviously there are also many rules to respect: one must not profess miraculous qualities of the products, one must not lie, one must not exploit others. But the rules are essential to the success of the company. A family is strong if there are good roots. Here the roots are very strong, and they are spreading everywhere!

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