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La Linea H24 non solo per Agonisti
A line of Herbalife supplements designed not only for professional athletes, but also for those who practice sports only occasionally, and for anyone who believes that physical activity is one of the main healthy answers to be implemented to get better shape.e Herbalife laboratories have developed various formulations to support the body in the different phases of physical activity, froma Preparation, annex’work out real, at the moments ofrecovery. To make a qualitative leap in sport and not to throw away many hours of fitness, improve your performance by relying on the products ofH24 line, guaranteed by tests carried out in independent laboratories, without artificial colors and flavors and without substances considered doping in the competitive environment. The products of this line respond widely to the nutritional needs of the body throughout the day, especially in those who practice sports of any kind and at any level. From those who jog from time to time, to tennis players, body-builders, cyclists, triathletes, these formulations will help the athlete and the sympathetic sportsman to obtain greater results from the training sessions, guaranteeing a sublimation of performance even at

Why use these herbalife supplements

Given the assumption that physical activity at least on a weekly basis is essential for psycho-physical well-being, it must be said that only constant training can lead to real benefits, as a medium-large effort performed 1 or 2 times a week it does not allow the body to adapt to the stress of training. The body also needs specific nutrients to better face the training sessions; when he does not have enough, he does not cope with the effort at best. At that point, sport almost becomes a negative point in the overall health picture. In order not to run into these problems, the amateur sportsman must absolutely control his diet, which must be varied and rich in vitamins and minerals; often, however, it is not enough. And here comes the innovative formulations ofe di Herbalife H24. Those who practice competitive activity are well aware of all the substances they need both before, during and after training. Again, the H24 line can provide everything you need.

What are the products of the H24 Line

Herbalife offers 7 formulations, all subject to rigorous controls:
  • FORMULA 1 PRO, vanilla flavor, an excellent meal replacement that allows you to keep your weight under control, highly recommended for the professional and also for the sportsman who does not practice competitive spirit, but who has nutritional needs that often do not even imagine
  • CR7 DRIVE (available in sachets or in jars, an explosive mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes that stimulates hydration both before and during sports; recommended for every type of sportsmanvo
  • HYDRATE orange flavor, with its vitamins B and C, and minerals such as magnesium and calcium, stimulates energy metabolism and maintains the right amount of liquids throughout the day; also highly recommended in low-calorie diets as it is totally calorie-freee
  • PROLONG, to withstand the prolonged efforts typical of running, swimming, cross-country skiing or cycling; is a drink rich in maltodextrin, whey protein and vitamins
  • RESTORE, rich in vitamins C and E, very useful in fighting oxidative stress and free radicals during physical exertion and optimizing recovery times
  • REBUILD STRENGTH, a high-protein drink that tastes like chocolate, rich in amino acids; very useful if taken after an anaerobic effort typical of the bodybuilder, who will also appreciate the 25 grams of high quality protein for muscle mass
  • REBUILD ENDURANCE, vanilla flavored, with many carbohydrates and proteins, it is instead aimed at those who have just finished a hard or prolonged aerobic training, such as running, cycling, triathlon because it favors the recovery of strength

Maltodextrin What is’è

It is a type of carbohydrate adhigh glycemic index, complex and water-soluble; provides a lot of energy and is obtained through particular processes ofhydrolysis resulting from the breakdown of starches. It acts similarly todextrose and accelerates energy recovery, promoting the growth of muscle mass.

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