Ligurian farinata:a tasty and protein snack for your diet

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La farinata ligure: uno snack gustoso e proteico per la tua dieta
Liguria: land of sun and sea. The land of pasta with pesto and many other delicious culinary dishes. Among the various dishes that this region offers, there is one that is very popular both in the two rivieras and outside Liguria:Ligurian farinata. A very thin savory pie made from chickpea flour, very tasty and nutritious. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans, farinata is the symbol of Ligurian street food. It can be found in Genoese focaccerie in Liguria and also outside, for example, in Milan to eat on the street, or as a side dish to order in take-away pizzerias in Liguria. In the latter it is often cooked in a wood oven just like pizzas, making it even tastier. Finally, it is also served in a pan in Ligurian restaurants, generally as a first course or appetizer. Farinata is a very simple dish belonging to a poor culinary tradition. A typical example of how, with very few ingredients, it is possible to create a dish with a high nutritional value and decidedly delicious.  

Ligurian farinata: a high protein dish

As mentioned before, the Ligurian farinata is a dish highlyprotein, being mainly composed of chickpea flour. These are vegetable proteins, useful for maintaining good muscle tone without exaggerating with foods of animal origin and without overloading the kidneys excessively. Moreover, the farinata, being a completely vegetable dish, can be eaten by anyone, even vegetarians and vegans. Given its consistency, farinata is not even a dish that is particularly harmful to our health, quite the contrary. However, it must be properly inserted in our diet, since farinata is not only a greedy and nutritious dish, but it is also rich in salt. An excessive daily intake of salt is harmful for various reasons, both for health, especially for the kidneys and for the maintenance of good blood pressure, and for aesthetics, too much salt can promote water retention. The first mistake you should never make is to break through several ounces of farinata thinking that it is a dish that can only do us good: together with chickpea flour you will also take a disproportionate amount of salt! A slice of farinata is instead an excellent snack to eat on the street in company, taking care not to overdo it with salt in other foods..  

Ligurian farinata and its variants.

The farinata can be prepared simple only with water, oil, salt and chickpea flour or it can be enriched with other ingredients to make it even tastier. For those on a diet, onion farinata is a tasty variant and always suitable for those who want to keep fit without sacrificing taste. Definitely to be abolished more refined types and which are often found only in some restaurants in Liguria, such as farinata with lard. ForPer stay in shape without sacrificing taste and the desire to look out into different culinary realities doesn't need much. If you want to try the farinata, perhaps after a grueling training session in the gym, don't hesitate to go to a Genoese focacceria. With about 2.50 you can savor this delicious Ligurian dish without fear of repercussions on your diet. The important thing is to accompany it with a good glass of water, taking care not to introduce excessive salt into your ownia diet.

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