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La Dieta Herbalife – come funziona, opinioni e pareri
ThereHerbalife diet was born in 1980, in the United States, by the hand of Mark Huges; initially it only included an effective protein shake to fight extra pounds and some supplements to make up for the nutrient deficiencies typical of a low-calorie diet. Given the enormous popularity of this preparation and the benefits it brought to people, the Herbalife company has over the years expanded the choice of products, not only aimed at losing body weight, but with the ultimate goal of creating extreme well-being among the population.e. Herbalife products for the most famous diet in the world To date, there are various flavors forFormula 1 protein shake and there are also gluten, soy and lactose free variants, in order to include intolerant subjects in the nutritional program. Among the newHerbalife products for weight loss we find numerous snacks, both sweet and savory, multivitamin complexes, refreshing drinks rich in mineral salts. Anyone who wants to approach this diet, as millions of people in the world have already done, must know that:
  • All theHerbalife products they enjoy numerous clinical studies, tests and approvals from all the ministries of the various countries
  • ThereHerbalife supply chain it is strictly controlled and each formulation is guaranteed to be made with raw materials of the highest quality
  • The nutritional values of theHerbalife products they are remarkable and noble
  • Protein comes from whey and soy, not from animal meat or fish
  • All preparations are easy to use and transportable even at work
  • You can lose 3 to 7 kilograms in just one month
Herbalife diet, contraindications? There are various schools of thought, numerous positive opinions, not only from users of the products but also from illustrious scientists, and others less edifying, which can be read mainly online. Let's try to dispel some false myths abouta Herbalife diet:
  • The total cost of this regime is extremely expensive: nothing could be more false, especially if we consider that smoothies are a substitute for a meal, and therefore the cost of a normal meal must be removed.
  • Excessive or rapid loss of body weight degrades lean muscle mass: thea Herbalife diet aims exactly the opposite, that is to strengthen bones and muscles, and the declared weight loss is not so drastica
  • THEHerbalife products they hurt: heavy and above all unproven statement; leaving aside for a moment the numerous clinical and scientific studies that are the basis of every formulation left on the market by scholars, nutritionists and a Nobel Prize for medicine, the Ministry of Health here in Italy has approved for decades now the use of preparations and supplements and checks their quality at each new launch. On what basis can it be said that i i Herbalife products they hurt There is tangible evidence It doesn't seem to us.a.

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