The Chronodiet:Different Foods for Every Moment of the Day

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La cronodieta: Cibi Diversi per ogni Momento della Giornata
Food is among the basic needs of man; in fact, the food supplies the organism with those nutritional principles that allow it to live. Food is not just nutrition and calories, but also pleasure and emotions.i.

The chronodiet: what it is?

It is not only important to ask how and how much to eat, but also when to eat. Chronobiology, the science that studies biological rhythms, has formulated the chronodiet, a food strategy based on the timing of food intake. This is based on the circadian variations of different biological functions as a result of hormonal variations during the day. In the chronodieta it is recommended to take carbohydrates in the initial part of the day; however, it is not a question of limiting their contribution, but of distributing their intake throughout the day, concentrating it in the morning and early afternoon. The morning intake of carbohydrates is needed because the activities carried out during the day allow you to metabolize a large part of the energy introduced with food. In this phase of the day, the liposynthetic and anabolic action of insulin is counteracted by corticosteroid hormones. In the evening, given the importance of reducing carbohydrate intake, protein consumption is therefore important. It is not possible to determine the foods to eat in the morning or in the evening because a lot also depends on the individual tendency to fuel more in the morning or after lunch. The early riser, for example, will have a hearty breakfast after waking up, while the late riser will delay mid-morning solid food intake and postpone all meals compared to the early riser.attiniero.

What foods to consume at different times?

Cereals and their derivatives, legumes and potatoes should be consumed in the first part of the day from 7 to 15. Lunch must be the most abundant meal of the day; bread is forbidden for dinner. Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products must alternately constitute the evening meal from 8 to 10.30 pm. Vegetables, except legumes and vegetables, should not always be present in main meals; those richer in sugars should be consumed at lunch together with carbohydrates, while the rest, indifferently at lunch or dinner. Seasonal fruit should be eaten by 5-6pm and absolutely forbidden for dinner. Fruit in syrup is to be avoided. Wine and beer should be avoided for lunch; a moderate intake of these drinks, it would be advisable in the evening as alcohol facilitates the digestion of proteins.eine. Meals should never be skipped and there should be five: breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, snack and dinner. Your breakfast and mid-morning snack provide an energy boost to get you through the day and so one of them should be complete.

In conclusion ...

In the morning the foods to be consumed are those containing carbohydrates, while in the evening it would be useful to bring a protein value to our body.

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