The online competitiveness of Herbalife sites

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La competitività online dei siti Herbalife

The race for the first positions

How our experience as Herbalife sellers began

Herbalife online: the marketing revolution


In recent years, with the advent of the digitization widespread in the most disparate fields, we have witnessed a sharp drop in sales within physical stores in favor of store online.

It is a fact that even the biggest brands in the world find every year that the majority of their revenues come from online sales. Not less Herbalife.

For several years already, the number one brand in food supplementation has relied on its own Independent Distributors providing them with all the necessary foundations for their flourishing online activity.

We have already talked about how this is possible become an independent Herbalife distributor and how it is possible to set up a healthy and profitable business in this field from scratch.

The beauty of Herbalife is that you never feel alone not only as a customer, but also as a retailer. In fact, one is formed team spirit and collaboration among the various online retailers, which is definitely encouraged by Herbalife itself through the sharing of experiences. 

Nonetheless, it is normal for each of us Herbalife Independent Distributors to seek out a certain individuality in work. After all, beyond the team spirit, at the end of the month we come to terms with what everyone has managed to earn through their site.

It goes without saying that, right from the start, a certainty was created competitiveness among Herbalife Distributor sites online. 

Today we are lucky enough to have a site that sells a lot because it is in the top positions of Google search results. We have a sales process that takes just 2 minutes, within this time anyone with a payment method with pre-registered personal data can conclude an average purchase. And we still have many more tricks up our sleeves.



The race for the first positions

Statistiche Herbalife online

What does it take to be successful in online sales? 

Well, this question will be asked by many, so much so that just take a tour of YouTube to realize how many gurus are willing to tell us their secrets to get rich effortlessly thanks to the internet. Of course they won't do it for free and the results won't be guaranteed (but who expected that after all, right?).

Oh well, leaving these speeches alone we can limit ourselves to talking about concrete things and that each of us will undoubtedly agree to be true. 

The first is that you have to be well placed. If we have a site that sells food supplements, the goal is that when someone writes "food supplements" or rather "where to buy food supplements" on Google, the first site that appears is ours. Or at least be one of the first. When was the last time you did an online search and went to page 2 of the results? Here, exactly! Only i count first results, if you are in that position you sell, otherwise you have to count on leads that lead flow of quality users on your site in some way. It takes many people to pass in front of your window for someone to enter your shop to buy, right?

The second question you will logically ask yourself will be: How do I get back to the top positions? Well, this is where things get complicated (would you have expected it?).

Let's start from the concept that to finish in one of the top positions you need to undermine someone else who, before us, has earned that place. Logical consequence: there can be no real shortcuts. 

I'domain seniority (or how long the site has existed and does what it is doing on the net) remains the first feature for Google. The rest falls within a system rewarding of type meritocratic. 

Google, to decide who should be at the top of the best sites of Herbalife Independent Distributors, tries to understand who is actually the best drawing up a ranking. 

What the main search engine on the net aims to do is figure out who deserves the title of best seller, who that of second, third, fourth and so on. As a viewer try to base your judgment on numerical analyses, statistics ed practical elements, combining all these factors with each other.

In a nutshell, therefore, what does Google look at to decide who deserves the top positions?

Let's say some objective factors could be: how much you sell currently (both in number of pieces and in terms of turnover, on a daily/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis), that type of service you offer to your customers (how many payment methods you accept, if you have sales guarantees, if you have free toll-free numbers, and so on), how much you take care of your site (if you keep it updated, if you have nice graphics, and stuff like that).

The our Herbalife product resale site It is currently at the top of Google results because it meets all these requirements 100%.

We were among the very first in Italy to open this type of online business, when still few believed in the success of online Herbalife product sales and when, therefore, there was much less competition. In this way we have earned the first requirement (seniority of domain).

We then tried to offer the best possible service to our customers, taking care of every aspect that could allow us to achieve success.

We accept over 20 different payment methods and we have the advantage of guaranteeing thepurchase of products in less than 2 minutes (we have carried out various tests specifically to make sure that this data is reliable and effective). The purchase process is short and quick but, to ensure that everything takes place within this very short term, the payment methods make the difference. Using safe and comfortable methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and the like, which uses an account that has all the buyer's data pre-registered, just one click is enough to execute the transaction. And voilà, sale concluded. It doesn't get any easier and more convenient than that.

Pagamenti sicuri

On our site it is therefore possible to buy independently, on any day of the year and at any time of day or night, easily and without being disturbed in any way.

What do we mean by "without being disturbed"? Well we have well 3 toll-free assistance numbers for our customers, 4 office numbers, other 3 mobile numbers And 2 Whatsapp contacts, 1 email address And 1 Facebook chat, in addition to 1 Form compilabile on the site to be contacted by us at the contact you prefer to leave us (all references are present on the site). If you want to contact us to ask us for information or let us know about any type of problem, we will be happy to give you a hand you will not be contacted by us in any way if it is not what you want. You will not receive calls or messages from one of our collaborators who will try to induce you to buy other products or to forcibly follow dietary advice that includes minimum dosages and uses of the product in order to consume it more quickly. You will be free to buy what you want, in the quantities you want, as often as you like, without having to submit to any indication from us. We, on the other hand, will always be extremely available to help and advise you if you wish, by contacting us at any of the contacts that we have made available to our customers, every day from 10 to 20.

As regards the shipments, we offer a trackable transport carried out by courier with a minimum purchase of €13. Unfortunately, the minimum cost is required to be able to cover the costs of this type of transport, but it is a low threshold and has no constraints on the choice of products. You will then be free to purchase only Formula 1 if that's what interests you, without having to match other products like the Thermo Giallo or the Thermo Complete, although they are highly recommended complementary products for your diet. Everyone buys what they want without any constraints and without being disturbed in any way by us, this is our motto. It seems obvious but it is not, in fact many sites they use various methods to get you to buy the products they want in the quantities they think are right.

Let's take an example: some sites have an order acquisition process similar to ours. Put what you want in the cart and get to the payment stage. Finally, when you're ready to pay, a page opens telling you that your order will be managed by one of their consultants who will get back to you shortly. At that point you will be contacted by the aforementioned consultant who will explain to you why, to the products you have chosen to buy, you will have to combine other products that you had not taken into consideration and will increase your order. Is that what you want? Well, whether your answer is "yes" or a more classic "no", you will get the treatment you are looking for with us. No one will force you to buy and you will not receive advice or explanations unless it is what you want. If, for example, you want to be followed in completing your first order (or even for the following ones), then, we can't wait to help you and give you the welcome to Herbalife.


How our experience as Herbalife sellers began

Piano Herbalife

The our site, as anticipated, it was one of the first to be born. Like so many things that are meeting great success and popularity nowadays, at the time it all started by chance and without great expectations. 

My name is Secondina Staffolini and I worked for 30 years in the municipality, first, in court, then. Once I reached the age to retire, I realized that my desire was certainly not to rest. Despite my age (I'm over 70) my desire to be active prevented me from working somehow. So I started selling Herbalife. 

The person who introduced me to this world (a friend who worked in a bank before starting this business in turn) recognized in my son the person who could make a change in my business. In fact, my son had created a web page for his work as a photographer and could help me create a site also for the sale of Herbalife products. From that moment, making use of valid collaborators and relying on experts in the sector, we have created our Herbalife website to be able to sell products online. An unexpected success. The relationship between the visits and the sales actually concluded was such as to give rise to a exhilarating conversion rate, to which Google could not fail to give due weight.

We were immediately indexed very well. And this fueled a vicious cycle that was extremely positive for us: we were selling more and gaining more visibility, which translated into more sales and even more visibility. Even the return rate was very high, we had (and still have) a particularly high level of satisfaction and we probably owe this largely to the type of service we offer. 

For these reasons, from 2010 onwards, we have always been at the top of online search results and we don't have never invested money in advertising. Indeed, all our investments have been directed towards maintaining excellent service for our customers, which has been the key to our success.

Another thing we do (like many but not all) is to propose the Herbalife loyalty card. This card entitles you to various discounts but, for us Distributors, it entails a loss of earnings. Yes, because with the loyalty card you buy directly on the Herbalife website and this is the reason why you access the discounts: you eliminate an intermediary from the sales process (us).

Sconti Herbalife

Herbalife recognizes us only a minimal percentage but we don't care about this loss, actually.

Since we have many customers, even if our earnings are reduced, the royalties we receive have a certain weight. We are also 100% transparent with our customers who feel encouraged to in turn offer Herbalife products to friends and relatives by being able to access certain discounts. 

Today the The competition there is online is very high and starting the business now means having to start immediately with a well-framed site in what are the dynamics to face in order to climb the top positions. Of course, one can also be satisfied with selling less and not appearing on Google among the best sites in Italy, everyone has their own ambitions and Herbalife does not force anyone to sell minimum quantities to be their Official Distributors.

With the arrival of Covid 19 there was a slight increase in the sites on the net, but nothing shocking. Let's say that online stores have already been busy for several years and, although many people have decided to start between 2020 and 2021, they still represent a small percentage.

Beyond online, we can also carry out telephone and in-person consultations in Milan. In short, we do everything that is possible for our customers, and we do it to the best of our ability.

Wanting to give advice to those approaching the world of Herbalife sales online  we can say that, in addition to the length of the domain, the best thing to do is try to offer a excellent service. Fast sales and even faster shipping, assistance around the clock and every day, beautiful, clear and always up-to-date sites, transparency and reliability. Everything will be rewarded, but you have to give your best and be patient to move forward.


Now that you know how Herbalife's online competition has developed and you've read a little of our history in this world, I recommend that you continue reading the following if you are interested in learning more about the history of Herbalife's online sales in the world and all the details on this type of online commerce.


Herbalife online: the marketing revolution

Marketing Herbalife

Started in 1980 by selling produce from the back of his car, Mark Hughes has built an online nutrition empire. With a market capitalization of over $5.7 billion, annual revenues of $4.9 billion and 2.3 million distributors, Herbalife is now one of the titans of the network marketing. It is no wonder that people are still looking to get involved in some way, eager to make money in the evergreen health and weight loss market. But the world has changed and so has network marketing. In today's world, sell Herbalife almost exclusively online has become a staple for most Distributors.

From before the inception of network marketing, the standard was to tell new hires to make a list of everyone they knew. This included all of your friends, family and colleagues. These people were yours hot market. You should then reach out to your warm market and introduce them to your new business opportunity. Once you tapped into your warm market, they would educate you on other marketing techniques. The "one meter distance rule" is common, where anyone within three feet of you is a potential recruit. All of these techniques are designed to do the same thing over and over again. Make a habit of constantly recruiting people.

But there were a lot of problems with this approach. First, this was the pre-internet equivalent of SPAM. Second, it put the distributor in the role of "seller," and for most people, that's an awkward position. Third, it put the potential recruit in the position of being "sold to," and no one likes to be sold. This is a very poor way to market a business opportunity. Any marketer worth their salt will tell you to target a niche. These are the people who are most likely to buy your product. Don't waste your time, money and energy trying to sell to people who aren't interested. Finally, it exposes the distributor to a huge amount of rejection. This has the unfortunate effect of draining the distributor of enthusiasm, ambition and motivation, causing many to quit before they even get started.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't create a list and let friends and family know what you're up to. It's okay, actually it's a good way to get used to talking about business. But if someone says no, forget it. Don't ruin relationships with friends, family and co-workers, it's not worth it. In fact, if you look at the downline of top earners, very few of them have people in their downline who are from their initial list. And those who are in their downline normally joined them later after seeing success.

Siti Herbalife

With the'advent of the internet and gods social media, the way all businesses market to their customers has changed. There are no more social or geographical constraints, the Internet allows us to connect with virtually anyone around the world. This vast expansion of our market potential has allowed us to start selling Herbalife online to people outside our "network".

So as the internet has expanded the scope of the business, most people had no idea how to effectively use this new resource. Their marketing efforts mainly consisted of post on social media displaying products with a link to their website. This is basically the equivalent of walking into a room and yelling “I'm a Herbalife distributor, buy my products!”.

It goes without saying that it is not very challenging and guarantees a certain level of success.

This type of advertising could work, perhaps, if you developed a totally unique and formidable product. You could technically create this type of social media post with a link to your website and get some sales. But that's only if it was a unique product that people can only get on one website, yours. With Herbalife (and other network marketing companies) you have thousands of Distributors all competing for the same customer with the same products, prices and websites. That's why get it right marketing strategy it will make a difference.

The right mindset is key: your number one job isn't building your downline, it's helping people lose weight and live healthier, happier lives. Focus on what you can do to help others achieve their goals instead of what they can do for you.

Start by building a relationship with your first clients (helping them achieve their goals) and then talk to them about joining your team. Remember, your downline doesn't join Herbalife, they join you. Your best team will be satisfied customers who are enthusiastic about the products and then become Distributors themselves. Don't try to rush the process.

Stop being just another salesperson, network marketers sometimes get a bad reputation for being overly aggressive or too pushy. This is a holdover from the pre-internet days, when cold calling and the use of the "feet apart rule" were the only way to get your message through. Now, with the internet and social media connecting us all, there are millions of people out there who are looking for your products. You don't have to be aggressive or annoying. When done right, Internet marketing provides an endless stream of new customers and potential customers.

In the end, distinguished. The biggest problem with network marketing is that all Distributors sell exactly the same products for the exact same price. The website provided by the company is the same for everyone and with Herbalife you are one of over two million Distributors. Why would anyone buy from you instead of their neighbor who is also a distributor? The answer is that they wouldn't unless you give the customer a reason to buy from you. By providing services that increase overall customer value, you can provide a reason to buy from you and not the neighbor down the street.

The average network marketer, on the other hand, wastes a lot of time and effort trying to sell their products or opportunities to people who are not and never will be interested. Top performers know how to pre-qualify and check leads when they arrive. That way they don't waste time with people who aren't true "prospects." 

So, here are three things all the best salespeople do:


1. They use “attraction marketing”. There are many companies out there that will sell you "leads". In my opinion it's all money wasted. No matter what they tell you, their "contacts" are nothing more than a list of random people's names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Using these lists may be a violation of the company's anti-spam policy. Instead, find people who are already interested in your products and ask them to come to you. You can do this through the use of incentives such as a content exchange for personal information.

2. They create "value" in the market. Your ability to do what you do is where you stand out. By offering valuable content instead of simply advertising your business, you are positioning yourself as an expert. You can also add value to the sale of Herbalife products by creating "product bundles" that are uniquely yours. Remember, people join YOU, not Herbalife.

3. They are consistent and focused. The best ones stay focused on their goals and take consistent action to achieve them every day. They will put in place a system that works 24/7 to generate leads, customers and business partners.


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