The Buffalo of the Alkaline Diet

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La Bufala della Dieta Alcalina
Proponents of the alkaline diet argue that replacing acidifying foods with alkaline foods can improve health. In fact, there is little evidence and little data that can substantiate the promises of miraculous results from this type of diet. The development of this theory is the work of Robert O. Young, who in January 2014 was arrested for fraud, abusive practice of the medical profession and another sixteen

The principles of the alkaline diet

Proponents of the alkaline diet believe that foods rich in protein and phosphorus, such as meat, foods derived from wheat and dairy products, are fundamentally harmful because they produce an acid residue that must be neutralized and eliminated from the body in order to avoid problems. of health. However, according to scientific studies, it would be otherwise.

Scientific analyzes on the alkaline diet

To verify whether these theories were well founded, various studies were carried out. For example, researchers at the University of Calgary examined and analyzed the scientific literature on the subject exhaustively and found that the scientific data does not support this hypothesis.

The scientific conclusions on the alkaline diet

Here are the conclusions of the researchers at the University of Calgary.First point: There is no association between urine pH or urinary excretion and the incidence of fractures; Second point: A larger amount of acid excreted in the urine does not increase the risk of osteoporosis;Third point: There are no scientific data derived from well-designed studies showing that the increase in dietary acid load favors the loss of bone calcium; Fourth point: There is no scientific evidence that high phosphorus intake contributes to calcium loss and is detrimental to bone health. In fact, a supply of phosphorus is associated with increased calcium retention in the body.

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