The importance of calcium in the daily diet

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L’importanza del calcio nell’alimentazione quotidiana
Not everyone is clear how much this mineral is present in our body and what functions it performs within it. Almost all of the calcium we store is used for building and maintaining bones (we have about 1.2kg!!). But a small part of this substance is used for:
  • Coagulate blood
  • Activate many hormones including insulin
  • Defend cell membranes
  • Adjust the pressure
  • Regulate muscle contraction
  • Regulate the neuro-muscular system
Vitamin D, magnesium, calcitonin and parathyroid hormone regulate both the absorption and metabolism of calcium, but also favor its deposits on the bones. The human skeleton is continuously renewed and its plastic activity begins in the first months of an individual's life and reaches its peak around the age of 35. Then it slows down, but never stops. This function requires about 700 milligrams of calcium per day (to be introduced with water and food) and, considering all that we lose in sweat, faeces and urine, the daily requirement of calcium for an adult is around one gram. During pregnancy and menopause, the requirement actually increases considerably.

Calcium deficiencies - risks

Calcium is the concentration of calcium in the blood. This parameter is between 9 and 10 mg per decilitre. A significant lowering of it can cause considerable discomfort and functional alterations to bones and muscles. Where, due to an illness or a diet that is not adequate for the age and condition of the individual, calcium is lacking, the body would 'cannibalize' the bones, to take it from there. This is why, only in Italy, a fracture due to osteoporosis occurs every 30 seconds! There are some unequivocal and, unfortunately, uncorrectable factors for the predisposition to osteoporosis, such as being female, menopause, white skin and slender build. Other factors, however, can be altered with a healthier lifestyle (smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee, high-protein diet, excessive sedentary lifestyle). Herbalife helps you fight calcium deficiency with xtra-cal, a useful supplement especially for those predisposed to osteoporosis and for those who avoid dairy products by choice or due to intolerance or allergy. With lots of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D it can prevent deficiencies with just 3 tablets a day!

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