The Importance of a Good Rest

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L’Importanza del Buon Riposo
A nicerestful sleep should be a must for all of us, however, stress, bad thoughts, and even slow digestion can sometimes, if not always, lead to counted hours of sheep, bodies tossing and turning in bed , excessive sweating, cold in the extremities, heartburn and unspeakable nightmares. Wrong habits of life and a hasty and often heavy diet lead us to not get enough rest. Failure to rest, unfortunately, has consequences, some quite obvious that can be noticed already the next morning, such as dark circles, low energy, a bit of nausea and heavy legs. Other consequences of insomnia are not immediately noticed but if the problem were to persist over time, a whole series ofdi physical and psychological problems.

The evening meal for better sleepo

As already mentioned, one of the main causes of insomnia or of an intermittent and tormented rest is a wrong habit at the table. The hectic life of our days leads us to eat hastily and in insufficient quantities during the day, and then groped for life just during dinner, when we are so tired, but usually united in the family with our loved ones and much more relaxed. Protein-based foods tend to keep us alert because they stimulate brain activities and if ingested in abundance before going to sleep can cause very annoying heartburn. Feeding on non-fat and carbohydrate-rich foods, however, the brain undergoes a sort of stand-by, facilitating relaxation and the desire to sleep. So unlike the classic Mediterranean diet, it would be more appropriate to eat protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs and cheeses for breakfast and lunch, while leaving the pasta dish, clearly seasoned lightly, for dinner.a.

Foods to avoid before bedtime

Caffeine and theine are very exciting and stimulating substances, therefore highly not recommended if taken before bed, and especially for people who suffer from insomnia and who suffer more from the effects of these stimulants are not the same for everyone. To really rest it is necessary to enter the deeper stages of sleep, and substances such as caffeine do not allow us to do so. Result Even after eight or nine hours of bed, we feel even more tired than when we went to bed. Alcohol also tends to excite, unlike what one might think, so it is not recommended during dinner. Being quite diuretic, we would even risk having to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the Some good advice…
  • Eat little, light and protein-free at dinner
  • Never have coffee after 5pm, and try to drink few fluids in general in the evening
  • At most a glass of wine, preferably red with a mealto
  • If you love a snack before bed, go for those with a high calcium content, which promotes relaxation

REM and non-REM sleep

According to several studies carried out on the brain activities of adults during the hours of sleep, two main phases have been established, that of REM and that of non-REM. During the non-REM phase, the mind and body go through three different stages, one of falling asleep, one of light sleep, one of deep sleep, and one of effective deep sleep, which in fact is the most regenerating and relaxing. The non-REM phase is also referred to as orthodox sleep and is characterized by prolonged slow and deep sleep. The REM phase, on the other hand, also known as paradoxical sleep, is characterized by rather fast and frequent brain waves. The acronym REM derives from the rhythmic movement of the eyes rapideyemovementse during these short 4 or 5 phases per night, the man dreams, despite the body being particularly relaxed. To help body and mind regenerate during the night, Herbalife recommends Niteworks, a food supplement to be used in the evening which, thanks to its components and lemon balm extract, restores vitality and energy after a good restful rest.istoratore.

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