Instructions for completing the contract contained in the Herbalife Member Pack

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Istruzioni per la compilazione del contratto contenuto nell'Herbalife Member Pack


You have purchased the Herbalife Member Pack and are about to receive a free case containing:
  • The license to sign the contract
  • One can of Herbalife Formula 1
  • The welcome letter
  • A price list
  • 2 DVDs and a whole series of brochures and flyers useful for carrying out the activityà
  • Guide Book Handbook of wellnesse”
  • The I love Herbalife magnetic brooch
  • The brooch you want to lose weight
To make your entry into the Herbalife world as easy as possible, we have prepared someimages that will guide you in filling out the contract contained in the Herbalife Member Pack. It is not a difficult contract to fill out, but being sure that you have followed the right steps before sending the completed and signed contract to the administrative office in Rome is always comforting! In a very short time you can take advantage of the discounts reserved for Herbalife members. If you are also interested in opening a new business as independent distributors, you can contact us by following the contact details found at this link:WORKING WITH HERBALIFE. Once contacted, we will provide you with all the necessary information. We remind you that we do not contact any of our customers unless the contact request is made directly and explicitly on your part. The instructions for completing the contract appear on the slide below or, if you prefer, you candownload a pdf containing the same images by clicking here:instructions for completing the contract The address to which you must send the contract by registered mail is the following: Herbalife Italia SpA Viale City of Europe 819 00144 - Rome

Instructions for completing the Herbalife Agreement are shown on the slides

The contact details of Herbalife Italia S.p.a. in Rome

Know thatthe offices of Herbalife Italia S.p.a. in Rome are available during normal business hours at the following addresses:by email by fax You can send a fax 24 hours a day to 06/52304514by telephone The Customer Service operators are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30 at the number 06/52304444

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