Winter has arrived with its 'seasonal diseases'

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E' arrivato l'inverno con le sue 'malattie di stagione'
On the subway, on the street, in the office: everywhere you turn, someone sneezes. The cold has arrived, and with it the seasonal diseases typical of this period. From the very common cold, probably the most widespread disease in the world, to sinusitis, from joint pain to the very uncomfortable problems of gastroenteritis: everyone is affected by it, no one is immune. If we consider that the cold alone is capable of generating hundreds of millions of days of absence from work, we must be careful not to underestimate ailments that appear extraordinarily common: they are real illnesses, which must be treated as such if you don't want to risk incurring possible complications. The increase in the rate of incidence of diseases in the cold season depends on the general fatigue of the body, which finds itself having to face excessively heated and more humid environments, where pathogens can proliferate more easily, and in which the opportunities for contagion they grow noticeably.

The precautions

To effectively prevent a possible ailment, which can never be completely avoided, it is essential to take care of one's psycho-physical state. Anxiety, stress, obesity, lack of sleep and poor diet contribute negatively. Among the possible methods of prevention, taking care of your diet is certainly the most profitable and affordable solution for everyone: so why not take care of this aspect? It is sufficient to turn to the properties of foods to obtain everything we need: they perform a protective function, in particular, vitamins A, C, E, minerals such as zinc and selenium, polyphenols and omega 3 fatty acids. But also proteins and the maintenance of a clean and healthy intestine contribute to the maintenance of health. The immune system uses a variety of systems to defend itself against pathogens: a lack of protein intake compromises the synthesis of immune system glycoproteins, including antibodies. All-round protection depends on a properly calibrated power supply.

Herbalife solutions

Herbalife offers a wide range of possibilities to not be caught unprepared: The supplements Multivitamin Formula 2 adapted either for women that for the men provide more than twenty vitamins and minerals:
  • vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus to support the nutrition of teeth and bones
  • zinco, vitamine A, B12, B6, C to help the immune system and against fatigue and assist the production of energy
With HerbaLife RoseGuard you can add to the list also thereantioxidant action of vitamin E and botanical extracts of rosemary, turmeric and astragalus, which also have calming functions and facilitate digestion. With one tablet a day you have one less chance of getting sick, and the absolute certainty of having complete control over your dietary intake. To avoid colossal binges typical of this period, it is advisable to be more careful than usual with your diet. The replacement of one meal for one protein bar snack and abolish sugary drinks with a Aloe herbal or mango concentrate, which has the function of detoxifying, soothing and healing, also balancing all the amino acids (necessary for the synthesis of antibodies) and essential mineral needs. Without forgetting that bars and Aloe are a very tasty combination: let's avoid stressing the body, we purify it and let's not fail to enjoy the pleasure of delicious nourishment! The refreshing flavor of Aloe and the chocolate/peanut taste bars have nothing to envy to foods produced by the fat and sugar industries.

The Detox

In addition to vitamin D, another D would constitute an even more radical precautionary measure against seasonal ailments: the detox, or detoxifying diet. Difficult to talk about it with the Christmas meals that fill our imagination in such a delicate period, nevertheless a complete expulsion of all the accumulated toxins from the organism makes possible a full regeneration of the organism: via pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives, dyes for a return to the pure original state. The temporary deprivation of notoriously harmful refined foods such as alcohol, sugars, sweets, yeasts and dairy products closes the circle on intestinal rebalancing with macroscopic effects on health. A program of also only three days allows you to feel its effects firsthand. Day 1:
  • one Thermocomplete tablet in the morning, 30 minutes before an F1 shake
  • a smoothie for lunch
  • for dinner something light like a turkey breast with carrots and broccoli on the side
Day 2:
  • one Thermocomplete tablet in the morning, 30 minutes before an F1 shake
  • at lunch 2 Thermocomplete tablets, 30 minutes before an F1 shake
  • for dinner something light like a salmon fillet with potatoes and broccoli on the side
Day 3:
  • one Thermocomplete tablet in the morning, 30 minutes before an F1 shake
  • at lunch 2 Thermocomplete tablets, 30 minutes before an F1 shake
  • for dinner something light like a chicken breast with carrots and potatoes

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