Food Supplements:Why Do We Need It?

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Integratori Alimentari: Perché ne Abbiamo Bisogno?
To be able to keep a body ingood health, it is essential to follow a varied diet, low in fat and refined sugars, and rich in fruit and vegetables, important foods that provide remarkable qualities of mineral salts,vitamins and trace elements that our body needs. Unfortunately, even by engaging in a’balanced and healthy nutrition, we are not always able to assimilate all the nutrients our body needs for the proper functioning of all organs: heart, liver, kidneys but also brain.

We really need the supplements?

We soon notice when health begins to falter. Hair that falls out, graying and dull skin, digestive difficulties, bad breath, severe headaches, chronic fatigue are allalarm signalse which must make us reflect on the lifestyle that accompanies us every day. The days follow one another frenetic, stressful, anxious; so many heavily processed and processed foods often appear on our tables, due to the lack of time to devote both to the kitchen, but also to everyday shopping. And so we often feed on pre-cooked, or frozen, canned, pre-wrapped foods that have lost all their nutrients, and that contain only excess fat and calories, unfortunately much less volatile than vitamins and mineral salts. Often the deficiency of these nutrients is also caused by a low-calorie and generally not very varied diet. The disastrous effects that these deficiencies can gradually create in our organism are subtle, not immediately visible. We have to be careful of the small signals sent by our body, a perfect self-repairing machine which, however, sometimes requires extra help. Ed Herbalife think of our body, of an SOS that launches us from time to time to try to patch up the various accumulated deficiencies.

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Herbalife supplements they will help you to always keep fit; designed and developed by a team of expert researchers, they have 100% guaranteed quality. There are formulations targeted for calcium supplementation, such ase Xtra-cal, especially dedicated to women over 50, with calcium, vitamin D and magnesium; Roseguard is a valuable contribution to the proper functioning of all vital systems, with many vitamins, C, A and E against free radicals. Do you want to contribute to the well-being of your cardiovascular system Then Herbalifeline is definitely for you, with its high content ofOmega 3, against cell aging. Many supplements, each aimed at a particular vitamin and mineral deficiency, to guarantee you a healthy life in harmony with food and the frenzy of the civilized world, to stem all the small ailments sent by your body, and to avoid major future problems caused from stress or insufficient or incorrect nutrition.a.

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