Importance of Proteins in the Body

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Importanza delle Proteine nell’Organismo
Proteins are part together with fats and carbohydrates of the so-called macronutrients, or substances that must be taken abundantly every day to provide the energy necessary for all organs to function properly. The metabolic and structural processes that keep us alive need to receive proteins on a daily basis, since they are versatile molecules, fundamental for many processes that take place in the body. In particular, we recognize that proteins have the power to:
  • Be part of the cell structure
  • Building and keeping all the tissues of our body active
  • Protect us against disease by binding to antibodies
  • Create elements such as hormones, enzymes and hemoglobin
  • Be a great source of energy

Protein structure

Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids joined together via i peptide bonds, and are divided into essential amino acids (introduced with food) and non-essential (produced by the body itself) and are essential for the growth and development of every human being. They are practically our building blocks, and their bonds are like the mortar that holds them together. Based on the function they perform, i proteins can be divided into contractile proteins (useful for muscle contraction), structural proteins (such as actin or keratin), transport proteins (membrane proteins also called carrier which facilitate the passage of substances), defense, regulators and enzymes. Protein turnover causes these molecules to break and regenerate continuously, to go, for example, to reinforce tissue or build new cells. Normally, about 40 grams of amino acids are degraded every day, to be replaced necessarily with as many new ones obtained from the food introduced. This number of molecules is defined protein share of wear, and our body is not able to regenerate it on its own, since the only proteins present in the body are functional and make up about 15% of the entire body mass. The biological value of protein is calculated based on the ratio of amino acids contained in protein foods, as well as their quality and quantity. So in order to obtain a correct and balanced diet, it is of fundamental importance to know the biological value of the food we bring to the table every day. Some essential amino acids (i.e. not produced by the body) have a high conversion potential into glucose which then becomes pure energy to be used. This process defines itself neoglucogenesis. They therefore contribute to raising the aforementioned biological value of proteins and are especially valuable for sportsmen, for patients suffering from nephropathy and liver disease and for those on a diet.

Herbalife's proposal

Each of us constantly needs to draw on a protein source, and habits and lifestyle don't always allow us to be able to provide our body with the necessary amount of protein. Because of this Herbalife offers for breakfast, but also as a meal replacement, Formula 1, excellent formulation for weight control or for slimming. It is a very tasty low-calorie protein shake that provides energy and high biological value proteins, such as those contained in milk and soy.

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